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Plans For Giga Berlin Have Some Hurdles To Overcome After Recent Announcement From German Government

A recent announcement from the German state raises some questions about the true timeline for fully opening Giga Berlin.


It was reported previously that the environmental authorities said internally that Tesla could possibly be given a full site approval. Tesla had a key victory after it was realized someattempted lawsuits had virtually no chance of succeeding.

Environmental authority gives vague comments

The environmental authorities now say that the factory is still under review. As a result, it has been reported that no decision has actually been reached. It is unclear what Tesla still needs to show, and it appears this process of approval could drag out for at least a little longer. This is definitely an interesting statement from the German state because Tesla already has made it so far along in this process.

What Tesla still needs to obtain

Tesla still needs to obtain the final building permits. This is something that is not expected to take more than a few weeks to complete. There have also been some concerns raised about Tesla using too much of the water supply.

Goals for Giga Berlin in the meantime

Tesla ultimately wants to produce cars at Giga Berlin. However, in the meantime Tesla is trying to get a Covid rules waiver to host a 9000-person county fair event at the site.

Image: Tesla

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