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2011 CAR Management Briefing Seminar Update: Economic plan overriding Obama mileage plan

As leaders of the auto industry share their vision of the industry’s future and its connection to success at the start of the CAR Business Seminars in Traverse City tomorrow, running from August 1 - 4, many wonder if President Obama's new mileage proposal is being drowned in the news by the debt plan, or lack of it.


The following is an on-going report article/blog by Torque News reporter, Frank Sherosky, specifically created on the events leading up and including the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) seminars in Traverse City, Michigan next week.

July 31, 2011 P.M. Update

Met Jim Meloche today. He is the executive director of the Italian American Alliance. According to Jim, he is expecting to represent a group of designers and entrepreneurs from Italy, Torino to be exact. This is the same place where many of the greatest automotive designs had their start. Looking forward to meeting them and perhaps setting up an interview on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Washington is still in its what-to-do-mode with regard to the economy and the debt situation. Question is, how much will it take away from one of the main focus events of the seminar, Obama's gas mileage plan of 54.5 mpg?

Again, I will be their at 7 a.m. with camera and recorder in hand. Of course, Paul W. Smith will have the greater platform as usual. However, I have the ability of being nimble enough to search for that key interview which can open all our eyes as to what to expect in the near future.

So, stay tuned for my tweets in the morning, and a possbile update after the first seminar event. Plus, I will be interviewing Agates Power at 12:30.

July 30, 2011 P.M. Update

In this fast world where I travel from Detroit to St. Ignace, then to Traverse City within 24 hours, I noticed the automotive world and the White House have been at it again. While the majority seem to be in agreement with 54.5 mpg, Volkwagen has balked.

Frankly, I don't blame them. While I think the split cycle engine has the greatest potential, so does clean diesel. I think they are merely making a noise to bring more attention to the benefits.

Truth is, th esplit cycle would benefit even the clean diesel as much as natural gas.

Rumor has it that the auto industry is quietly seeking grant money to explote the split cycle benefits.

Still, this will become my focus as I prepare for Monday's CAR seminar.

There is one gentleman staying at my resort that is attending the semibars. I hope to meet with him tomorrow for a interview. In the meantime, I'm enjoying time with family. Stay tuned.

July 29, 2011: Interview Schedule Report

An interview with Achates Power’s president and CEO, David Johnson or one of his associates is scheduled .

For the record, Achates Power is a San Diego-based company that develops radically improved internal combustion engines that enhance fuel economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are lower cost. Its mission is to build fundamentally better engines to respond directly to the critical environmental and economic needs of the global transportation industry.

The company has built state-of-the-art laboratory facilities utilizing the industry's leading-edge testing, simulation and analysis tools; expanded its team to more than 50 in-house engineers and scientists with proven technical know-how and industry expertise; developed more than 800 patentable innovations; demonstrated superior performance of its engines; and garnered attention of leading manufacturers around the world.

I also have an interview scheduled with Jeff Brennan of Troy, Mich.-based Altair. It is a leading global provider of simulation technology and engineering services. Its HyperWorks simulation solution for rapid design exploration is one of the engineering industry’s most popular computer-aided engineering (CAE) software suites serving major original equipment manufacturers in a broad range of sectors including the auto, aero, defense and heavy industries. The company demonstrated strong momentum in first half of 2011 with significant growth in its global acquisition, customer and geographical base.

Special thanks to Jenn Korail of Airfoil Public Relations, Inc. for arranging the interviews, not to mention her concern over my own schedule. Airfoil, with offices in Southfield, Mich. and Mountain View, Calif., is an independent firm specializing in marketing communications and public relations for both emerging and leading technology companies. Airfoil’s teams drive technology communications for a growing client roster across consumer, enterprise, health care, cleantech and industrial segments. The agency’s Client Solutions Group provides services to inform and accelerate clients’ marketing communications, digital and social media, and brand strategy programs. Airfoil has been named Technology Agency of the Year by the Holmes Report and recognized as a top firm in numerous industry rankings. For more information about Airfoil Public Relations, please visit

July 28, 2011: Pre-seminar report

As leaders of the auto industry prepare to share their vision of the industry’s future and its connection to success in Traverse City from August 1 - 4, I will be traveling to the event. It is important for Torque News readers to realize the need for an on-site representative so that you can get the latest information.

My leaving early to prepare will also afford me the opportunity to get some needed rest and relaxation with my family before the event. Yes, a game or two of golf will be involved, but mostly time with my wife and best friend, Judi, not to mention time with my two sisters, Dorothy and Joan.

For the record, CAR is more than just an acronym for Center for Automotive Research. The CAR Management Briefing Seminars have been flagship events for more than 45 years, and one of the critical connection points for North American automotive participants and, by extension, the global industry. This, however, will be my first time attending the event.

Special thanks to Michelle Culver, Senior Director at Lambert, Edwards & Associates for making me aware of the event as well as initiating a contact. Michelle and I sat next to each other during lunch at the Detroit 2.011 Autobeat Insider Conference last month at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan.

I have two conferences scheduled for CARS: one for Monday morning and the other on Tuesday afternoon. In addition, I have at least two interviews set up thus far with Agates Power and Altare. My tweets from those interviews appear be noted via #mbs2011 .

I am especially looking forward to this year’s kickoff session of the 4-day event, where key executives from Chrysler, General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen will give their insight on manufacturing excellence. Will keep in touch; so stay tuned.

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REF: 2011 CAR Management Briefing Seminar to share future vision of auto industry

About the Reporter: After 39 years in the auto industry as a design engineer, Frank Sherosky now trades stocks, futures and writes articles, books and ebooks like, "Perfecting Corporate Character," "Awaken Your Speculator Mind", and "Millennial World Order" via He may be contacted here by email: [email protected]
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