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Tesla Bans Individuals Who Share a Leaked Cybertruck Video Shot by a Tesla Employee From Attending November 30 Delivery Event

A new Cybertruck video filmed by a Tesla engineer has surfaced online showing the Cybertruck’s unique door-opening mechanism, “Cyber UI”, & more details. However, Tesla is now revoking Cybertruck delivery event invites of anyone who shares the video.


A few hours ago, we shared a story about a new detailed Tesla Cybertruck review leaked online by a Tesla engineer. In the video shared by the Tesla employee, we can see the first up-close view of the Cybertruck’s unique door-opening mechanism in action.

In addition, in the video, we also see the Cybertruck’s touch screen and the new “Cyber user interface”. The “Cyber UI” is a complete redesign of Tesla’s user interface and contains new unique Cybertruck-only controls such as a button to open and close the tonneau cover.

The video although short, also shows perhaps for the first time, the Cybertruck’s vibrant rear 8-inch screen turned on. There are other interior and exterior features leaked in the video and we’ve covered the leak in more detail in our previous article.

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Given the fact that this is one of the hundreds, if not thousands of Cybertruck videos circulating the internet, you might not make a big deal out of it.

So far, we already have Cybertruck videos showing the truck going on a 1280-mile off-road journey across the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. We’ve seen the Cybertruck go toe-to-toe against a Rivian R1T in the first-ever off-roading comparison.

We even have an 8K video of a Cybertruck showcasing a sub-10-micron level immaculate build quality. We’ve seen a Cybertruck prototype utilizing rear-wheel steering to do a standing 180-degree turn, drift in reverse, and do other cool tricks.

If all this wasn’t enough, we also have a video of the Cybertruck’s 4-wheel steering in action that confirms the truck will feature a steer-by-wire dynamic variable steering ratio. We’ve seen a Cybertruck prototype rocking a new circular steering wheel.

We even have a video of a Cybertruck breaking the law and a prototype broken down unable to supercharge in the Mojave desert heat.

Given all the videos we already have showing the Cybertruck in various situations and from all imaginable angles, the latest Cybertruck leak seems like the daily flavor in Cybertruck news.

However, Tesla appears to be taking this particular leak with extra caution. The video, at least from Tesla’s perspective, could be argued that it’s the most revealing of all the Cybertruck leaks.

Tesla might have also taken insult to the fact that the video was shared by someone who was given official access to drive the Cybertruck. Whatever, Tesla’s reasoning, the EV maker has now reportedly started banning anyone who shares the video from attending the Cybertruck delivery event on November 30.

This might seem like an overreaction, however, as of early 2023, Tesla has started banning individuals who share leaked Tesla information from attending the company’s events.

Famous Tesla personalities, Whole Mars Catalog and Galileo Russel were even barred from attending Tesla’s Investor Day event held on March 1st. Not only that, Tesla informed them that they would not be able to attend the event right at the entrance gate.

Currently, there are reports that people are getting banned from attending the Cybertruck delivery event for posting the leaked video. And we’ll be sure to keep you posted when we get the list of people who have had their invitations revoked.

Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Do you agree with Tesla’s decision to ban anyone who shares the leaked video from attending the Cybertruck delivery event? Do you think all the leaks have taken the wind out of the Cybertruck delivery event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: It appears that the report that Tesla is banning anyone who shares the above video is not accurate. Nonetheless, all the information we learned from the leak still stands, including the door mechanism, new Cyber UI, and interior shots.

Image: Courtesy of Jeremy Judkins

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