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Tesla Cybertruck Filmed Utilizing 4-Wheel Steering to do a Standing 180-degree Turn, Drift in Reverse, & perform other Cool Tricks

Tesla engineers are having a bit too much fun with release candidate Cybertrucks as one prototype was spotted being driven at speed in reverse, utilizing 4-wheel steering to do a 180-degree turn from basically a standstill, and drifting in reverse on ice.


Tesla appears to be testing the Cybertruck six ways to Sunday before the vehicle begins deliveries on November 30. Cybertruck prototypes have been spotted testing everywhere from the icy glaciers in Ice Land to the Mojave desert in California and everywhere in between.

Tesla has subjected Cybertruck prototypes to a 1280-mile off-road test across the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. Cybertruck prototypes have also had the entire drum magazine of a Tommy gun unloaded onto them, have been shot with an arrow, and so on.

The long and varied Cybertruck testing regiment has proven that the Cybertruck is a capable vehicle that can overcome any obstacle.

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Continuing this arduous testing regimen, Tesla has recently taken a Cybertruck prototype to an icy vehicle testing ground in Alaska. The testing ground is not accessible to the public however, an individual was able to film the Cybertruck from outside the gate.

In the short video below, you can see a couple of release candidate Cybertrucks doing winter testing and likely calibrating traction control and that sort of thing for icy conditions. This on its own is exciting.

However, the Tesla engineers seem to be having too much fun as you can see in the video, a camouflaged Cybertruck not only drives at speed in reverse but the vehicle also basically does a standing 180-degree turn and continues in the other direction.

During this beautiful maneuver, you can spot the Cybertruck’s 4-wheel steering system engaging and helping the vehicle achieve this incredible rotation.

The Cybertruck prototype is also seen drifting on ice both going forward and in reverse. In the last portion of the video, there is even a scary instance where the drifting Cybertruck gets too close to another Cybertruck prototype.

It’s not exactly clear why on earth Tesla engineers would want to test for this capability, however, in true Tesla fashion, the engineers might just be doing cool things for the sake of it.

Tesla is building the Cybertruck to not only be the most durable truck in the market but to also have enough performance and agility to challenge sports cars. And the 4-wheel steering and the performance are shaping the Cybertruck to be one hell of a challenge for fast cars.

Currently, this is all the footage and information we’ve regarding the Cybertruck testing taking place up in Alaska however, we’ll be sure to keep you posted when we get more information about the all-electric truck.

Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Excited to see a Cybertruck using 4-wheel steering and doing those crazy maneuvers? Also, do you think it was appropriate for the Tesla engineers to drive the Cybertruck in this manner? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Dima Zeniuk on X

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