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Tesla Introduces a Circular Cybertruck Steering-Wheel as the Truck’s Design Matures Ahead of November 30 Delivery Date

As the November 30 delivery date approaches, Tesla has tamed some of the most exciting Cybertruck features such as its size, exterior styling, & towing capacity. And now, a Cybertruck prototype has been spotted with a conventional circular steering wheel.


It took 4 years and pushed us to the limit of our patience however, we’re finally less than 16 days away from Tesla handing over the first Cybertrucks to owners.

The original prototype Tesla showed off back in 2019 was certainly exciting however, throughout the long development process, the Cybertruck has seen some notable changes.

Most of the changes Tesla made to the Cybertruck are for the better. Tesla improved the Cybertruck’s suspension which now has an industry-leading 14-inches of travel.

The Cybertruck also now has 4-wheel steering and a steer-by-wire dynamic variable steering ratio steering system that should make the vehicle a breeze to maneuver. Both additions are an improvement on the original prototype.

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In the powertrain and electronics front, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the final specs of the Cybertruck, however, some of the improvements include an addition of a second 8-inch screen for the rear passenger, 48-volt low voltage system, 800-volt high voltage battery and powertrain, supermanifold 2.0, and so on.

All the improvements have made the Cybertruck an even more compelling vehicle than what was introduced back in 2019, however, as the delivery date nears, Tesla has also made some changes to the truck to comply with government regulations and to make the Cybertruck more palatable for a larger segment of the population.

Some of the biggest changes include the fact that the Cybertruck is now noticeably smaller than the 2019 prototype. According to Tesla, the decision to shrink the Cybertruck was made to allow the vehicle to fit in the average US garage.

This is a laudable decision on Tesla’s part, however, the decrease in size has come with a decrease in towing capacity, trunk space, and bed length. Tesla’s attempt to comply with government regulations has also led to the truck appearing somewhat conventional with the addition of removable side-view mirrors and various lights and reflectors throughout the body.

In the name of increasing visibility, Tesla has also lowered the window seal of the Cybertruck making the vehicle appear less of an all-metal bunker from the future and more of an open and airy vehicle that lets in a lot of sunlight.

The last point is a drawback or a major improvement depending on the type of Cybertruck buyer you are and what exactly about the vehicle appeals to you.

In continuing with the theme of Tesla making changes to the Cybertruck that make the truck more sensible, today, we have gotten a picture of a Cybertruck prototype with a regular round steering wheel.

This is in stark contrast to the yoke steering wheel Tesla showed off back in 2019 or even recent Cybertruck prototypes which feature a unique steering wheel design.

The small yoke steering wheel Tesla showed back in the original prototype looked super futuristic however, given the size and dimensions, it seemed unlikely that Tesla would actually deliver the truck with such a steering wheel.

However, recent Cybertruck prototypes featured, a half polygonal/half circular steering wheel, that keeps in line with Cybertruck’s angular aesthetics, while at the same time keeping the functionality of a circular steering wheel.

We assumed Tesla had settled on this design, however, the new circular Cybertruck steering wheel calls into question whether Tesla has decided to go with a conventional steering wheel design for the Cybertruck.

As you can see from the picture above, the circular Cybertruck steering wheel appears as though it’s a regular steering wheel plucked out of the Model S & X or even the Model 3 & Y.

We understand Tesla has to make the Cybertruck appeal to a wide range of buyers, however, in my opinion, giving the vehicle a stock steering wheel out of other Tesla vehicles, is a bridge too far and will undermine the Cybertruck’s uniqueness.

Currently, there’s only a single Cybertruck prototype driving around with a round steering wheel which in no way proves Tesla has decided to go with this design. However, we’ll be sure to keep you posted when we learn more about Tesla’s plans.

Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Does a circular Cybertruck steering wheel make you more or less likely to purchase a Cybertruck? Also, what do you think of all the changes that Tesla has made to the Cybertruck, and which one of the 3 steering wheel designs is your favorite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Christine Irish on Facebook

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