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Rivian R1T Goes Head To Head Against Tesla Model X In A Quarter-Mile Match-up

Thanks to the sustainable energy focused YouTube channel Now You Know hosted by father and son duo Zac & Jesse, we get a glimpse of how the Model X fairs against the Rivian R1T in a quarter-mile race.

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For the longest time, Teslas have been the undisputed leader when it comes to electric vehicle performance and range. However, with the emergence of the Porche Taycan, Rivian R1T, and Lucid Air, Tesla finally has “real” competition.

Currently, Tesla has lost the mantle of the longest range EV to Lucid Air. The Lucid Air Dream Edition has an EPA estimated range of 520 miles per charge. In comparison, currently, the Tesla with the longest range is the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Model S which can go 375 miles between charges.

And besides Lucid, Tesla also has a worthy opponent in the way of the Rivian R1T. The Rivian R1T is currently the first and only electric pickup truck to begin deliveries. Yes, the Cybertruck might blow the R1T out of the water with its 90% recycled stainless steel exoskeleton body and whispers of a quad motor Cybertruck that can do 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds.

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However, as of the latest information we have, the Cybertruck is not expected to begin production until late 2023 with the start of deliveries perhaps being pushed out as far as early 2024. So, for the next year and a half, the electric pickup truck market should be wide open for Tesla’s competitors.

And since Tesla doesn’t have a pickup truck that can be compared one to one with the R1T, the closest Tesla competitor to the Rivian is the Model X SUV. And thanks to our favorite father and son duo Zac & Jesse from the EV-focused YouTube channel Now You Know, we now know how the Model X fairs against the R1T in a quarter-mile race.

Zac & Jesse recently took delivery of a blue Rivian R1T. The model they have is a quad motor R1T with the 128.9KWh Large Pack. Zac & Jesse’s R1T has an EPA estimated range of 314 and can do 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds.

After taking delivery of their Rivian, Zac and Jesse took their new vehicle out to the drag strip where they raced it against their very own P90D Model X nicknamed Sparky. On the first run, the Model X was able to come slightly ahead covering the quarter-mile in 12.2 seconds as opposed to the Rivian which covered the same distance in 12.3 seconds.

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However, in this race, Jesse accidentally hit the breaks thinking he had crossed the finish line. And in the second race, which was more representative of the Rivian’s full potential, the newcomer truck was able to-handily beat the Tesla.

In the second race, the Rivian completed the quarter-mile in 11.6 seconds while the Model X repeated the 12.2 numbers. It’s not exactly clear if the quarter-mile time included a one-foot rollout but, in the process, Jesse might have also broken the quarter-mile record for the Rivian R1T.

In addition to the Model X, Zac & Jesse also raced the Rivian against a diesel truck, which the former was able to embarrass pretty easily. Zac & Jesse were also able to be ambassadors for electric mobility by showing off the Rivian to internal combustion vehicle drivers at the drag strip.

Overall this was a great first victory by the Rivian over Tesla. However, the Model X the Rivian went against is a 2016 model and the all-electric truck will undoubtedly lose to the Model X Plaid which does the quarter-mile in as little as 9.9 seconds.

However, it could be argued that Zac & Jesse’s race is fairer as the Rivian has a starting price that is $50,000 cheaper than the Model X Plaid. Plus, the Model X is a smaller vehicle and the SUV form factor is generally more aerodynamic than that of a truck.

Still, we will be sure to keep you updated if the Model X Plaid goes against the Rivian R1T. Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Were you impressed by the Rivian’s performance? Also, what do you think will be a fair matchup between the Rivian and Model X given the size and price difference between the two vehicles? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Screenshot from Now You Know YouTube Channel

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