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Here Comes Tesla Model 3 White Wrap Radiating Rainbow Hue

Have you ever thought of making your Tesla look more appealing? Here are some options. As our friend Ray4Tesla puts it, "Here comes white wrap. It radiates rainbow hue at certain lighting angles."

Tesla vehicles are well known for their simplistic and minimalist interior, equipped with the signature large touchscreen that enables a user to control most of the car's settings and allows him to choose and play from a vast selection of infotainment apps. What tends to be a little less glamorous with Teslas is their body paint options.

Sure, the aluminum aerodynamic body looks rather sleek and elegant, the Tesla Model X falcon wing doors look like they came out from a futuristic spaceship, but Teslas do not come in a large variety of colours. At the moment, the colors available are Pearl White, Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, and Red Multi-coat. These colors all cost $1000, except for the red that costs double that.

Tesla Model 3 wrhite wrapSpicing Up Your Tesla
It is true that five color options are not an insubstantial amount, but coming from the car company of the future you tend to expect a little more diversity.

This is why some companies have started offering a customization feature to Tesla owners: they provide wraps for you car. These wraps come in a wide variety of colours. In this picture posted on Twitter by @ray4tesla, you can see a Tesla wrapped in white, and this specific wrap gives off a rainbow hue. Most vehicle wraps are made of vinyl and are entirely customizable, enabling you to add a bit of personality to it. The wraps also protect your paintwork and are removable if ever you want to revert to the original look.

Tesla blue painted brake caliper Caliper Art
One vehicle from the upcoming Tesla lineup that will really benefit from wraps is the Cybertruck, with its angular design it is expected to be very easy to wrap, and it may provide for some funny looking vehicles.

Another way people have found to spice up the look of their Tesla is to repaint the brake calipers, they house the brake pads, and their job is to squeeze the pads onto the discs when you hit the brakes so that your vehicle stops. You can see this feature in the picture above.

Improvements are coming
All these services are yet to be provided by Tesla itself, since until now all these customization have had to be done through other car tuning companies, but this could change in a couple of years with the finishing of Gigafactory 4 in Berlin. This factory is supposed to be fitted with a state of the art paintshop that will be the world's most advanced according to a tweet from Elon Musk. He said that the more layers of paint would be applied and that they would subtly change with the curvature of the vehicle. He followed up the tweet saying that the Chinese and American factories would have their paint shops upgraded over time too, but that these improvements were difficult to retrofit. As for wraps, Tesla has not yet released any information on whether they would start producing them.

Be creative
When it comes to expressing yourself, your car can be a great canvas to paint your personality and in my opinion vehicle paint colour is a factor that is too often overlooked when people buy new vehicles. With cars ever so present in our cities and on our roads sometimes it becomes a little depressing to only see the same old boring, factory implemented, paint colors. Don't be afraid to go with what you like, as long as it doesn't become too obnoxious.

Please let us know what you think about customizing you Tesla vehicle and share your thoughts in the comments, have a wonderful day. Thank you to Ray for providing us with these images.

Guillaume Humbert a Torque News automotive journalist covering Tesla news. "The way he first heard about Tesla was when he accidentally found a livestream of one of Tesla's cars back in 2018. It may sound boring, except this car was cruising in space. Since then Humbert has been following the EV automaker closely. Any of Tesla's innovations make the future look environmentally more friendly. "I am now trying to share the hope Tesla spread and inspire others through my articles," says Humbert whom you can follow on Twitter at Thinking Enthusiast.