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How Does Hyundai Keep Doing It? – Sales Keep Going Up

Sales figures for July 2020 got released, and the sales numbers continue to rise despite the state of the world. We do a deep dive into the numbers and what’s contributing to Hyundai’s success.

Hyundai July 2020 Sales Success

Sales for July 2020 went up 1% for Hyundai, and retail sales rose 4%. The crazy part is SUV retail sales grew by 16%, which makes you wonder, who is buying up all these SUVs? The Palisade, one of the most expensive vehicles Hyundai makes, set another all-time monthly sales record. The Palisade just set a record in June; it’s dumbfounding for sure. The Kona also sets a sales record for July, and overall, Hyundai gained more retail market share than any other car company in 2020.

Hyundai Kona

Total numbers unit sales reported for July 2020 is 57,677. Compared to 2019, this is a 1% increase from July 2019, and that’s when the economy was doing good. SUV trend is continuing strong, 67% of the total retail sales mix consisted of SUVs, and this number grew by 16%. This retail sales growth Hyundai keeps experiencing is now the third consecutive month of growth, with a 4% growth for July 2020.

Hyundai July 2020 Sales SummaryHyundai July 2020 Sales FiguresHyundai Sales Issues

The only area where Hyundai is suffering is fleet sales. Fleet sales are down 32%, which sounds terrible but only makes up 7% of Hyundai’s total volume. Overall, Hyundai had the biggest gain in the industry as the first six months of 2020 led to nearly a 1% growth over 2019. With all that’s going on in the world, it is incredible seeing any growth, especially since many businesses are struggling.

Hyundai PalisadeSUV Galore

A total of 53,555 retail units got sold in July. As mentioned before, 67% of this number represents SUVs, leading to a 16% growth in SUV sales for Hyundai. Unbelievably, Hyundai’s flagship SUV, the Palisade, saw an 87% increase in sales leading to a new record sales month. Other models saw a boost as well, Santa Fe 9%, Kona 12%, Sonata 7%, and Accent with a 7% increase in sales.

Hyundai Sales Conclusion – How is this possible?

So how can this be possible? Hyundai sees higher sales than in 2019 to the point where specific models are even setting sales records. There’s a lot of monsters in this world driving 40-50k miles a year. Might sound unbelievable, but people need to drive, and with people putting that kind of mileage on their cars, the cost of repairs may exceed the cost of just buying a new car. Times are tough but strangely, if you need a car now is kind of the best time to buy a car. Hyundai is still offering 0% interest rates, deferred payments, and just a great product while undercutting competitors. Analysts predict that Hyundai’s sales will continue to grow this year, congrats Hyundai.

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