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First Generation Hyundai Genesis Sedan - A Look Back

We are taking a quick look back at the first-generation Hyundai Genesis sedan. The 2008-2014 Hyundai Genesis model helped put the brand on the map and started this new trend towards high-quality vehicles that we see from Hyundai today.

Hyundai Genesis Intro

The 2008 Hyundai Genesis was a huge turning point for the Hyundai brand. This car was the first step towards real quality and trying to rival Lexus and other luxury brands. I reviewed the 2009 Hyundai Genesis with the 4.6l V8, and you can see my review down below.

Hyundai Genesis Drive

It was an epic driving experience, and I could not believe how well the vehicle drove with about 77,000 miles on it and after nearly a decade of aging. Hyundai had a substantial investment of almost $500 Billion to produce the Genesis. It is safe to say, Hyundai was not messing around.

I’ve driven pretty much every single Lexus, new and used, and this Hyundai Genesis rivals, if not exceeds some of those Lexus products. I’m not just talking about driving, but also how the car has aged. Hyundai’s goal for Genesis was to be the size of BMW’s 5-series, while having the interior quality of a 7-series, with the price of a 3-series. That is a heck of a goal, and it is crazy, but Hyundai has pretty much hit those targets.

Hyundai Genesis Side

I am not trying to hype the Genesis up in any way, it is merely a car where you need to let your brand biases rest at bay and drive this car for what it is. The 2009 Hyundai Genesis I drove handled far superior to any Lexus ES and is on par if not slightly better than a 2013 Lexus GS. The thrust from the 4.6l V8 was sensational, and the six-speed auto was perfect. The only real cons I found with this car and the Hyundai Equus I tested were slightly higher than average road noise. Other than that, these Hyundai luxury cars ride beautifully and are incredibly satisfying to drive, even in the long term.

Hyundai Genesis Perception

Because in the United States, we value brands and symbols more than anything, Hyundai’s luxury cars all tank in value. You can get a first-generation Hyundai Genesis dirt cheap with far fewer miles than a Lexus, and due to the age and miles, you can even get warranties from a dealership. This method is the best way to purchase this car, and you can enjoy it with peace of mind as well.

Hyundai Genesis Rear

Hyundai Genesis Conclusion

I would like to hear your thoughts below about the Hyundai Genesis. If you are an owner, please let us know how it has held up for you and if you agree with these thoughts. It is a phenomenal car for anyone looking for a great daily driver at an excellent price.

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I have a 2010 Genesis with the 4.6L engine. The car is flawless mechanically and runs like a champ. So very pleased with the car and plan to continue to drive the fantastic automobile for many more years to come.
That is awesome my friend yea it is an excellent car to drive and I am so happy it has held up for you. Enjoy it and stay blessed.