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Don’t even think about buying the new BMW 7 Series unless you are progressive

The all-new 2016 BMW 7 Series production has started and gets new technologies designed for progressive thinkers. What’s new on the 7 Series?


BMW calls the flagship 2016 7 Series their new BMW masterpiece. What sets it apart from the outgoing model? To start, the new 7 Series is designed for those who are progressive thinkers, people with drive and determination. That’s who BMW designed this new flagship model for.

Harald Kruger, Chairman of the Board BMW AG said yesterday at the unveiling, “We know our customers well. We know what they desire. This enables us to anticipate their wishes and fulfill their dreams.”

The BMW 7 Series, according to the German automaker, stands for the “Future of Luxury.” BMW has an elite person in mind who will be buying the new four-door luxury saloon. The new vehicle is positioned as "The contemporary luxury experience for the performance elite." If that’s you, then read on.

New 7 Series gets BMW i technologies

The 2016 BMW 7 Series benefits from BMW i technologies. The laser lights are derived from the BMW i8 and are now available for the first time on the flagship 7 Series. Another first is the body has a carbon core. It’s lighter, more efficient and comes with a new driving experience. BMW says it’s going to be easier to drive and will have sportier driving dynamics.

Klaus Frohlich Member of the Board of Management, Development at BMW. “We had one goal: for the new 7 Series to set the standard for sportiness as well as for innovation in the luxury segment. We wanted our customers to experience all the innovative power of the BMW Group in our BMW flagship.”

New driving dynamics

BMW 7 Series now offers an innovative two-axle air suspension, which comes as standard, and automatically adjusts body height with a lower ride in sport mode. Dynamic Damper Control also enables the new BMW 7 Series to perfectly stabilize all irregularities in the road surface. Another new feature in the luxury saloon is ADAPTIVE mode which automatically adjusts the new 7 Series to the owners driving style and character of the road.

Driving dynamics have changed, and the new 7 Series gets an active electromechanical roll stabilization feature called “Executive Drive Pro”. Frohlich says, “Its sensitive control guarantees optimum road handling at all times.” Another first in a 7 Series, you can now combine the benefits of BMW’s Integral Active Steering, known as “X Steer”, with xDrive.

New high-tech features

Another new feature is BMW’s Steering and Lane Control Assistant, which provides semi-automated assistance for the driver at speeds of up to 210 km/h. The speed of the 7 Series can be adjusted automatically to speed limits, if desired, at the push of a button. It will also be the first vehicle in the world to offer Remote Control Parking. The luxury sedan will be able to maneuver itself in and out of the garage or a parking lot, without the driver behind the wheel. A new Display Key offers this function and provides helpful information on range and locking status, as well as service notifications.

The customer can also choose different ways to control the vehicle. The new BMW 7 Series now offers Touch Command, in addition to the iDrive Controller, push-button control and voice command. Another world debut on this car is called Gesture control. The driver can now turn up the radio or take a phone call “with a simple gesture.”

Kruger said at the unveiling in Munich, BMW Welt, “Our 7 Series customers are progressive thinkers, people with drive and determination. They look to the opportunities of tomorrow. Their car is an expression of their personality and active outlook on life.” How much will all this cost?

The 2016 BMW 7 Series will arrive in the U.S. showrooms for progressive thinkers beginning this October. The price for the BMW 740i will be $81,300 and the BMW 750i xDrive will be $97,400 (prices do not include destination and handling).