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Why you need Subaru Forester’s safe winter driving tips now

It’s the middle of summer so why is Subaru giving you winter driving tips in a 2016 Forester in July?


It may be 95 degrees or hotter in many areas of the U.S., Subaru’s largest global market, but it’s the middle of winter in Australia, their second largest market outside Japan. That’s where the latest series of videos launched by Subaru come from where winter’s grip is in full effect.

They use the 2016 Subaru Forester to demonstrate the brands very effective Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive attributes in the snowfields down under. It’s vital for those who live in cold climates to know how to navigate snow and black ice during the winter season even if you own an all-wheel-drive vehicle like Forester.
Subaru videos show how to drive safely in the snow and black ice

Subaru Australia just released a series of five videos with two of the most recent called “Safe Driving Tips in the Snow” and “All You Need to Know About Black Ice”. Other topics covered in the video series are: Vehicle Preparation Tips, How to Safely Pack Your Vehicle and How to Clear Ice From Your Windshield.

The video series is hosted by Subaru Ambassador and motorsport legend in Australia, Dean Herridge, who took the new Forester SUV out on the icy roads and snow fields in a car park. Subaru vehicles are designed for these conditions and many owners who live in the mountain regions in the U.S. also use the multi-purpose Forester for getting them to the ski slopes in the winter.

Herridge says, “As a West Australian it was great to get up in the high country. There is something special about being in the snow, and Perisher is, of course, the home of Subaru in the mountains.
Because Subaru vehicles are becoming more popular with an active generation of consumers, it’s important they know how to handle the recreation-purposed 2016 Forester in the snow and ice this coming winter. It may be 90 degrees outside now, but in 4-5 month’s the ski slopes will be open and Subaru owners will be deep in the white stuff. Check out the helpful winter driving videos here.