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Watch this Scary Real-Life Video of a Subaru Getting T-Boned; What Happens Next is Amazing

Watch this scary real-life video of a Subaru getting T-boned. What happens almost immediately is amazing.

A Subaru owner captured a scary real-life video when his car gets T-Boned as he’s driving through an intersection. A car runs a stop sign, and the new Subaru gets broad-sided and it flips the car over on its top from the force of the crash. His car was equipped with Subaru’s STARLINK Automatic Collision Notification system and what happens next is amazing.

The follow-up response from the SUBARU STARLINK emergency services operator is almost instant after the airbags deploy. The operators comes on the line and says, “This is Aisha, we have received an automatic collision notification from your vehicle. Is everything OK?” The operator sends help immediately and stays on the line with the upside-down driver until the police arrive.

How Subaru STARLINK Automatic Collision Notification works

When an airbag deploys, the Automatic Collision Notification alerts an emergency services advisor who makes sure you're ok and immediately sends first responders to the scene of the accident. The GPS System in the Subaru tells the STARLINK operator exactly where the vehicle is located, so help can be sent to the precise location without wasting a moment.

STARLINK can also help if you have a non-collision related medical emergency, and send road-side assistance if the vehicle is experiencing mechanical problems. The driver can press the red SOS on the vehicles STARLINK display at the top of the windshield and can be immediately connected to an advisor who can help with any assistance needed. It can even help the police locate the vehicle if it’s stolen.

How much does it cost?

Subaru’s STARLINK is available on the 2017 Outback, Forester, Crosstrek, Impreza, WRX and Legacy models. STARLINK Safety Plus package is free for the first year, and $99 the second year. It includes Automatic Collision Notification, SOS Emergency Assistance, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Maintenance Notifications, Monthly Vehicle Health Report and Diagnostic Alerts. This Subaru owner was glad he had it.

It would be comforting to be hanging upside down in your car after a horrific accident and have a live operator ask if your’e OK, and then dispatch emergency help immediately. Watch the video below and see what happens when this Subaru owner gets T-Boned and it flips his car over.

Watch Car Crash Pins Driver Upside Down - Real STARLINK Story video

Photo and video credit: Subaru

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