2015, 2016 Subaru Outback and Legacy cracked windshield lawsuit
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Subaru Settles Outback, Legacy Cracked Windshield Lawsuit - Here Is What Owners Get

Subaru has settled the Outback and Legacy cracked windshield lawsuit. See what models are covered and what owners get from the new settlement.

Subaru of America has agreed to a settlement of the cracked windshield lawsuit brought against the Camden, N.J. automaker. The recent windshield settlement only includes 2015 Subaru Outback and Legacy models and 2016 Subaru Outback and Legacy models.

The lawsuit was initially filed in June 2017 when a California woman who claimed her 2015 Subaru Outback developed a crack that had "spontaneously appeared" at the base of the windshield. She was represented by attorneys Glancy Prongay & Murray and Greenstone Law APC.

2015, 2016 Subaru Outback and Legacy cracked windshield lawsuit

Why was Subaru sued over cracked windshields?

The class-action lawsuit alleges the Subaru vehicles have defective windshields that may crack in the windshield's lower region. The cracks were allegedly due to the deicer creating a condition that makes the glass susceptible to cracking after a minor strike to the glass, such as the stone's impact.

Subaru sent technical service bulletin (TSB) 12-192-15R) in October 2016 concerning cracked windshields in 2015-2016 Outback and Legacy models and determined "Many of these failures to be the ceramic materials used for the black-colored printed perimeter combined with the silver-colored material used for the wiper deicer portion of the windshield glass."

2015, 2016 Subaru Outback and Legacy cracked windshield lawsuit

Who is included in the defective windshield settlement?

You are included in the settlement if you own or leased, or previously owned or leased a 2015 Subaru Outback and 2015 Subaru Legacy in the U.S., equipped with the All-Weather Package. Owner's vehicles with their original windshields and who paid for replacement of their factory windshields because of the cracking condition and who have not yet obtained reimbursement are eligible.

You are included in the settlement if you own or leased, or previously owned or leased a 2016 Subaru Outback or 2016 Subaru Legacy equipped with the All-Weather Package. The vehicle's VIN, whose last seven digits are lower than 2016 Outback, with Eyesight: G3222455, 2016 Outback, without Eyesight: G3210476 2016 Legacy, with Eyesight: G3011247, and 2016 Legacy, without Eyesight: G3006359.

The vehicles must have their original windshields, and owners paid for replacing their original windshields because of the cracking condition described in this case but who have not yet obtained reimbursement. Owners must have proof of the repair and information about the business that performed the repair.

What will owners receive in the settlement?

Subaru of America has agreed to extend the warranty on the original windshields from five years/unlimited miles to eight years/unlimited miles. Owners are also permitted to replace one original windshield with the condition it is replaced at an authorized Subaru retailer. Owners also receive reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs for replacement of windshield due to the condition.

Are there are other Subaru vehicles included in the cracked windshield lawsuit?

Subaru of America is involved in two more defective windshield lawsuits. The second was filed in October 2019 by a Wisconsin woman seeking damages against Subaru for the drivers of 2017-2019 Subaru Forester, Outback, and Crosstrek models alleged to have defective windshields.

The third class-action lawsuit against Subaru of America was filed in California filed on behalf of consumers who purchased or leased 2017-2019 Subaru Forester, 2017-2019 Subaru Outback, and 2017-2019 Subaru Legacy models. The second and third lawsuits are still pending an outcome by the courts. You can read the Torque News latest report here.

2015, 2016 Subaru Outback and Legacy cracked windshield lawsuit

What should 2015 and 2016 Outback and Legacy owners do?

If you do nothing, owners will automatically receive the extension of the original windshield's warranty from the previous extension of 5 years/unlimited miles to 8 years/unlimited miles.

2015 Outback and Legacy and 2016 Outback and Legacy owners will also be eligible for reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs paid by you to repair or replace an original windshield if you submit a claim form (deadline: April 23, 2021) and qualify when the settlement is finally approved. Torque News will bring updates on any new Subaru defective windshield lawsuits.

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My 2020 Forester sustained a very slight crack for a very small and light stone a few months after purchase. Safelite did mobile repair. This week's a 15 inch cracked beginning at the base of the windshield and going right through the repaired chip appeared for no reason. Subaru declined warranty coverage due to the preexisting tiny crack and I have appt. Tomorrow with Safelite to have windshield replaced. I am phoning NHSTA tomorrow morning.
My wife and I have owned 7 Subaru vehicles, so far. Most have been Outbacks, but two have been Foresters. What I have noticed is that ever since the 2015 model year, the windshields of both Outbacks and Foresters are susceptible to cracking after even minor stone hits. Within 2 months of ownership, our 2020 Subaru Forester's windshield looked like it came from Bonney and Clyde's car. It had two cracked and six bullseye's. Subaru will never admit to the fragility of these windshields and they put too many constraints on the process to get them warranty-repaired.
I have a 2017 Outback. Window has been replaced twice for cracks like "C" in the service bulletin. Whatever issue they claim to have fixed - its a lie.
I have owned two Outbacks, 2012 & 2018 and for past 9 years. I've replaced the windshields three times, filed insurance claims that is offered by my Ins. Co. I owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee from 2006-2012 and never had a cracked windshield. My observation has been that the Outback windshield is larger than my Jeep's, a lot more torsion affecting the larger windshield.
Our 2016 Outback is just outside the vin numbers for this claim, but we had the same issue. Small stone hit windshield lower right side, in matter of minutes a two foot wide crack appeared, and continued to grow.
Just discovered my 2018 Outback with a crack that originated in the lower corner on the passenger side. Guess it’s a visit to the dealer unless there’s a suitable alternative that won’t impact my warranty
I have a 2019 Legacy, bought it brand new and the windshield cracked within the first three months. Subaru replaced my first windshield at no cost to me however the next windshield cracked again within three months and they refused to assist me. There is clearly an issue with the windshields on these vehicles or the opening that the windshield is put into does not conform to the glass putting it under pressure. I also noticed the windshields are very soft and get pitted very easily compared to many other vehicles I’ve owned.
2019 Outback- no rock or object struck car- open road- windshield cracked and spidered off- and continues to run and get longer even though car is not moved. Crack started at bottom. Now in shape of a “C” with a side branch off of the bottom left side.
I am interested in all comments related to Subaru windshields. Thank you.
The windshield in my 2015 Subaru Outback sustained a minor stone hit and cracked across the entire surface - INSTANTLY. Subaru is refusing to replace the windshield despite the extension of my warranty because the crack did not initiate within a narrow band on the passenger side. Really Subaru? You lost a faithful customer.
Last week my son’s 2020 Crosstrek suddenly had a single 5” crack appear on the right side near the base of his windshield. When we took a closer look at it we couldn’t find a point of impact or any type of damage to cause the crack. Since then, it has spread straight up with less than an inch from the top of the windshield. This is his 2nd Subaru and I’m in the market for the 2020-21 Forester Sport. I’ll be following along to see if they add these model years to the lawsuit. I know we have insurance for these types of things, but it’s frustrating having to pay that deductible when there’s no explanation or visible reason for the sudden damage that left us with zero choice but to replace the entire windshield. Because of the Eyesight technology we have to physically take it in for the replacement so it can be recalibrated next week. After reading some of the comments, I’ll be doing a little more research on this issue in general and see what type of warranty or additional dealer coverage that’s still valid on his car, since it was just purchased in March as a Certified Used Subaru with only 2,600 miles on it.
Got a2020 legacy in April, had to have the windshield replaced in June. Less than a month later I have another cracked windshield. Not very good workmanship.
I just bought a 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness in early July. I just got a crack that runs halfway across my windshield. I'm guessing it was a tiny rock. I did not see the impact even though there is a small impact spot right in my line of sight. The impact point is NOT connected to the line that runs horizontally from the very edge on the driver side to just under the rearview mirror. This is my second Subaru. I had another Outback that also had a windshield problem from no impact at all.
Our 2022 Wilderness is less than a month old. While driving it to the dealer coating a "crack" appeared, then grew over 6" in the 6 miles left in the drive. There is small impact spot but it was so minor no sound was heard. Of course the dealer is like "thats bad luck". We bought the Wilderness for the rigidity, nervous what will happen once we mount our 175 lb rooftop tent.
I have a wildernesses Outback too and I am on my third windshield. I had them put a non-OEM windshield in on the third time and it’s holding up better than the OEM, why isn’t there already another class action?
I too have a 2022 subaru outback wilderness. After only 3 months of ownership, i found a crack horizontally covering 50% across the right side of my windshield one morning getting in my car. It was not there the day before and am not aware of any rocks hitting my windshield. Subaru said a rock caused it but im skeptical. You would think you would hear a rock hit the windshield if it were to destroy half your windshield right? They wond cover anything. Replacement is 1100 dollars or 500 if filed under insurance
I have a 2018 Outback. The windshield was replaced 2 times. I did not even hear any sound both times. I owned various cars, subs, and vans. And never had a windshield replaced. Subaru quoted me around $1,000 for the replacement. I just used local shop and pay $400. What make outback's windshield so fragile?
I have a 2018 Outback. The windshield had to be replaced twice already. The first time there was a barely visible mark on the windshield, smaller than the head of pin. The crack eventually travelled across the windshield from side to side. The second time, there was absolutely no visible mark on the windshield and it had cracked on both the driver's side and the passenger side, starting at the black defrost area. I noted the crack a couple days after having to use my defroster, For both repairs I used the auto glass shop recommended and used by the local Subaru dealership.
My 2017 Forester with Eyesight, just yesterday found an approx. 6 inch crack on the windshield, near top where the rear view mirror located. Checked the exterior location found none impact in that area. Also had a Forester 2009, its windshield was replaced twice and I suspected due some impact never I thought of Subaru's windshield defect until now...
I bought a 2022 Outback TouringXT in July, and 82 days later, a pebble which quietly struck the windshield (about as loud as a bug hitting the windshield) instantly produced an 8" crack (center bottom of windshield. Over the past 3 weeks, it has snaked back and forth across the windshield for a total length of approximately 5 feet including two branches and two cracks connecting loops. It is truly impressive! I've NEVER seen a crack like that on any other windshield in my 66 years of life. Thankfully I bit on the finance manager selling me an $1800 windshield warranty. Only problem is that it only covers 5 years and I bought an extended warranty for the entire car of 10yr/100,000 mi. From what I am reading on this site, I may have to replace the windshield on my dime several times in the second 5 years of it's life.
I bought a 2022 Outback TouringXT in July, and 82 days later, a pebble which quietly struck the windshield (about as loud as a bug hitting the windshield) instantly produced an 8" crack (center bottom of windshield. Over the past 3 weeks, it has snaked back and forth across the windshield for a total length of approximately 5 feet including two branches and two cracks connecting loops. It is truly impressive! I've NEVER seen a crack like that on any other windshield in my 66 years of life. Thankfully I bit on the finance manager selling me an $1800 windshield warranty. Only problem is that it only covers 5 years and I bought an extended warranty for the entire car of 10yr/100,000 mi. From what I am reading on this site, I may have to replace the windshield on my dime several times in the second 5 years of it's life.
Update, I later realized, after reading several comments, that my crack was not caused by any impact. It was spontaneous. My local dealer, Subaru of Clear Lake, replaced it for free. Yaaaa!
Subaru should be notifying owners of the windshield lawsuit results, like they email owners to buy a newer model. My insurance deductible is $100.00.per incident. I've had three windshields replaced 2013 - 2021. Apparently, there's no way to get reimbursement from Subaru. A lawsuit has been apparently settled and I'm too late to make a claim or my claim doesn't count. My next vehicle will be a Honda Passport, lots of room up front for the driver and passenger.
We own a 2020 Outback. Last night when I put it in garage, the windshield was perfect. Today, as I was pulling out, there was a massive crack. It looked like a spider web radiating from the area of the camera and then forming a circle encompassing the whole of the front windshield. There was no impact, no stone hitting it, no outside reason for it. The car was safely parked in the garage. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the 2020 is included in the class action suits. I am now wondering how many times I'll be replacing this window.
I bought a 2022 Subaru Outback at the end of Sep 2021. End of October a crack appeared from the base of the windshield up. I hadn't heard or noticed any chips prior to the crack- but I sucked it up as bad luck and paid $800 to replace the windshield on my brand new vehicle, a month into ownership. One month later, a new crack appears at the base, just slightly further over. I was so frustrated and took to the dealership the next day. They were able to point out a very tiny impact under the wipers- must have been a very small rock/piece of debris, as I never heard an impact, or had any inclination to look for one before a crack appeared. I haven't replaced it yet. I just can't stomach the idea of spending $800/month on a replacement windshields for a new vehicle. The dealership has been very kind and understanding, but I feel like their hands are tied with this. I've never had this kind of issue with any vehicle I've owned and I'm really struggling with accepting this is just 'bad luck'- especially after stumbling across these lawsuits that are so similar to my situation.
So many comment!!when I replaced my windshield, I did use non-OEM glass from Safelight, so hopefully there will be no more problems for me. They recalibrated the eye sight and everything works as it should. Don’t know how many of you filled out the NHSTA form, but it is the best way to call widespread attention to this issue. Maybe Subaru will listen if the Government gets involved.
I am on my 7th front windshield in my 2017 Subaru Legacy. This only counts windshield replacements, and not multiple repairs. I live in Illinois where everything is a scam, so about $1,300 per instance for replacement and calibration. First and last Subaru for me.
I bought my 2022 Outback in Sept 2021. Replaced the windshield (with a Subaru factory windshield) in Nov. due to a rock that chipped it, but now today there is a new "C" shaped crack that starts at the edge goes about 10 inches and then turns up about another 3 inches that was not there at 9pm last night. What the heck? The owner of the 3rd party glass repair shop (Subaru dealer in my area doesn't not do glass replacement so they have a local person they work with who is supplies with factory glass) tells me that he replaces Subaru windshields more than any other manufacturer. Clearly there is an issue.
I have a 2022 Outback Wilderness purchase in Nov. 21 with 1,800 miles on it. My grandson was driving on a snowy road at 30 mph when apparently a small piece of ice struck the windshield. There is no detectable mark on the glass but a 10-inch crack appeared on the driver side edge of the windshield. I previously had a 2016 Outback and replaced the windshield twice in 50,000 miles. I love the cars but they do have an unresolved glass problem.
My Subaru Outback 2019 was parked in a store parking lot yesterday. The car showed the outside temperature to be 65 F. I was sitting talking to someone else in the car, when a crack spontaneously started in the driver's edge of the windshield toward the middle. A secondary crack curved toward the bottom. The longer crack temporarily stopped, and then to my amazement, it went on, and stopped again. I previously had a 2015 Outback that also developed a spontaneous when the car only had approx. 3,000 miles. The current one has 47,000 miles. I thought Subaru would have taken care of this problem given that it identified what causes this spontaneous cracks and the three lawsuits. Something needs to be done!