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Subaru recalls Forester, XV Crosstrek and Impreza for electrical issue

Subaru has issued a recall for 2013-14 Subaru Forester, 2012-14 Subaru XV Crosstrek and 2012-14 Subaru Impreza vehicles in Australia. What’s the issue?


Over 50,000 Subaru Foresters, XV Crosstreks and Impreza vehicles are subject to a new recall program in Australia for a manufacturing defect in the steering column. It’s not known if these vehicles will be recalled in the U.S. or other global markets. Subaru WRX and WRX STI performance models are not affected.

In the recalled Subarus, contact between the wiring harness and a metal plate in the steering column could cause a short circuit within the vehicle’s electrical systems, creating a hazard to the driver and other cars on the road. As part of the recall, the wiring harness will be inspected and replaced if damaged, while insulating urethane foam will be installed to prevent further contact between the wiring harness and the metal plate.

What models are affected?

2013 Forester –14,794
2014 Forester – 4685
2012 Impreza/XV Crosstrek – 16,263
2013 Impreza/XV Crosstrek – 13,648
2014 Impreza/XV Crosstrek – 5182

What’s the issue?

Vibration over an extended period could result in a metal plate within the steering column wearing away the wiring insulation. The short circuit could disable control of the wipers, headlights, horn, driver's airbag and features actuated through the multi-function steering wheel, such as cruise control, audio system and mobile phone connectivity. The issue could also short out the fuse for the engine management system's ECU shutting off the engine.

Subaru Australia has not reported any instances where this has occurred and the Japanese automaker claims that the rate of incidence could be as low as 0.007 percent. This latest recall is not related to the earlier Subaru Takata airbag issue we reported. Subaru Australia will contact Forester, XV Crosstrek and Impreza owners by mail, requesting they take their vehicle to the nearest authorized dealer for inspection. For the official recall you can go here.

Written by Denis Flierl.