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Meet the Fastest Subaru On the Planet [Video]

Check out the fastest Subaru on the planet. It’s a Subaru BRZ sports coupe in full drag garb.

Ali Afshar’s BRZ coupe is the fastest Subaru on the planet after he made a pass down the drag strip on August 5, 2016. He did it while competing in Top Sportsman at the NHRA Northwest Nationals at Pacific Raceway in Kent, Washington. Afshar is an 18-time NHRA event champion and is no stranger to setting records in his BRZ. Previously, his 1400 horsepower 2.0-liter 4 cylinder Subaru BRZ ran a 8.02 at 174 mph in 2013.

Afshar destroys his previous record

After a layoff from competition, Ali Afshar decided to make a comeback during the NHRA national event at Sonoma. A week prior to the event, he ripped off a personal best of 7.45 at 182. The team decided they could go faster if they refreshed the converter. They overnighted it to ProTorque in New York, had it freshened at his California-based shop, and back in the car on Wednesday afternoon just in time for the event.

Afshar ripped off a career best speed with an amazing 7.22 at 194 mph pass down the strip with the updated EV1 converter. Ali Afshar now has the fastest Subaru vehicle on the planet. It’s a Subaru BRZ sports coupe that sets a new record for Subaru.

Watch: Ali Afshar Subaru BRZ World Record 7.22 sec 1/4 mile run

Source: ESX Entertainment, DragZine

Image source: ESX

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