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How BMW plays catch-up with new 3 Series parking assist feature

The new 2016 BMW 3 Series is getting Parking Assistant for parallel and transverse parking. When will it be available?


Intelligent Parking Assist systems are not new to the auto industry and BMW is playing catch up in this automated parking system technology. The systems have been around since 2003 when Toyota developed the first system in the Prius hybrid. In 2006, Lexus unveiled an upgraded version in the U.S. LS sedan.

BMW announced the new 2016 BMW 3 Series along with the its 2 Series and 4 Series models will get new parking assistants this fall. For consumers who need this assist, it will be a handy option for city dwellers. It will be interesting to see how BMW’s system works compared with other automaker’s systems that can be somewhat faulty. Maybe BMW has new technology that may work better than other systems out there.

BMW’s Parking Assistant in the new BMW 3 Series will help the driver park in both parallel spaces and spaces that are perpendicular to the road. At speeds under 22 mph, ultrasonic sensors measure potential parking spaces, which are then shown in the central information display. Once activated, the Parking Assistant will steer the car into the space while the driver merely has to control the accelerator and brake or switch between forward and reverse gear when prompted.

The 3 Series with Park Assist will also come with a new Auto PDC function, which allows the Park Distance Control to switch on automatically when approaching an object at the front and display the remaining distance. BMW says the Auto PDC function is deactivated when stop-and-go traffic is detected.

Look for BMW’s new Parking Assistant to be available on the 2016 BMW 3 Series this fall. Will BMW’s new system work better than other automakers automated parking system technology? BMW has not announced pricing and this could determine whether many consumers will buy the optional feature to find out if it does.

Media source: BMW UK