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Don’t You Hate Standing in Line? You Don’t Have to With Nissan’s ProPilot Chair [Video]

If you don’t like standing in line, check out this cool new invention from Nissan. You won’t ever stand in line again, if you can find one.

Don’t you hate standing in line with a passion? Most people do and you may not have to any longer after Nissan brings this innovative chair to market. It’s the ProPilot Chair the Japanese automaker just unveiled in a series of innovations. The newly developed ProPILOT Chair negotiates waiting in line on behalf of its occupant, sparing them the hassle of standing in line.

The ProPILOT Chair follows on the success of another innovation, released earlier this year, called the Intelligent Parking Chair. How does it work? The ProPILOT Chair detects and automatically follows the chair ahead of it, maintaining a fixed distance and traveling along a set path.

It comes from Nissan’s automotive technology

Nissan uses the same technology as their ProPILOT system for vehicles. It’s been available in Japan on their Serena minivan since August. The vehicles system maintains a safe distance behind the car ahead, and ensures that the vehicle stays in the center of its lane.

Businesses who offer them will be first in line

The only problem with the new ProPILOT Chair, is that everyone standing in that long line will need one of these chairs. That means restaurants and other businesses where long lines occur regularly, will need to buy these chairs and make them available for their patrons. It’s a cool concept and it will make waiting in that long line a little more enjoyable. We would frequent a restaurant that had these chairs over one that didn’t.

Watch Tech for Life ProPILOT Chair Story video

Photo: Nissan

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