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2016 Subaru WRX S4 SporVita gets first luxury interior from Italy

The new Subaru 2016 WRX S4 SporVita will be revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. What makes the new interior from Italy so special?


Subaru is the first Japanese automaker to get a luxury leather interior from Italian leather maker Mario Levi, and it comes in the new 2016 Subaru WRX S4 SporVita. The special 2016 WRX will be unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show later this month that runs from October 30 through November 8.

Subaru says the name SporVita combines the Italian words sportiva (sports) and vita (life). Subaru chose the 2016 WRX performance sedan to get the special genuine leather seats unique to the SporVita from renowned Italian leather maker Mario Levi.

Up until now, you could get leather in the WRX, but this will take the sports car’s interior to a new level of luxury. WRX has always had a rather economy car feel, but things are changing for the rally-bred sports car. Subaru says the WRX S4 SporVita also gets special trim and instrument panel decorative effects that will step up the luxury feel combined with the expensive leather.

Outside, the 2016 WRX S4 SporVita is further enhanced with 245/40R18 high-performance tires. This special model will also get the Advanced Safety Package with the latest generation EyeSight as standard equipment. Subaru has not announced any other special features, but they say it will be enhanced with other goodies making it a standout in the compact performance car segment. Will the luxury interior upgrades be offered in the U.S. WRX? Stay tuned.

Media source: Subaru Japan