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Which Accessories Will You Choose For Your 2019 Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is now available for pre-order. Which of this list of accessories will you add to your pickup?


The all-new 2019 Ford Ranger is now ready for pre-order. Ford will be building the first new Rangers in the next few months with deliveries to dealers scheduled in early 2019. Once you pick out your trim and packages, the next thing to consider is accessories.

The official list of accessories is not yet available, but thanks to, we have had a sneak peek at what Ford is planning. The good news is the list is very long and we can't think of anything missing. Here's a selection of what you can expect:

Bed Accessories:
Ford has about 20 bed-related accessories planned. How about a tailgate lock? Maybe a bed mat. Possibly an over the rails bedliner for $324.29. Ford has a lot to offer here.

Tonneau Covers
Ford is planning to offer many styles of Tonneau covers. Suppliers will include REV, TruXedo, and Advantage. Both soft and hard styles will be available from Ford. Interestingly, one option is priced at $324.99. That 324 must have a special ring to a Ford bean counter.

Remote Starting Accessories
Ford has a large selection of remote starting items. The price is TBA for now. Long range extenders and other such items will be available aside form just the basics

Outdoor Gear
Do you have bikes to secure? Not a problem. How about Paddleboards, snowboards, skis, or a kayak. All there. No worries, Ford will hook you up with all the outdoor toy carriers you can imagine.

Body Enhancements
Do you want to enhance your body? Your truck body we mean! Ford's list here is very long. Mudguards, fender flares, hood lettering, sill plates, and all that jazz.

Work Truck And Towing Accessories
Ladder rack? Check. Wheel locks? Check. Tow hooks, and towing balls and all that sort of kit? Check.

If you'd like a sneak peek at the list, cruise over to the list and start your wish list early. Christmas is coming. We will give our readers a heads up when the official list is ready.