Used Toyota Camry vs. Used Honda Accord - Which is more reliable?
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Used Honda Accord vs. Used Toyota Camry - Which Is More Reliable In These Model Years?

We compare used Honda Accords to used Toyota Camry cars in model years 2017, 2013, and 2010 to see which owners report as being the most reliable. Here are the results.

In the used midsized sedan market, there are two notable leaders. Both the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are legendary for their top sales positions and many awards. But do they offer a used car shopper equal reliability?

To find out, we looked at what actual owners of these vehicles report. Rather than rely on one opinion from a neighbor, or from within our family (we own Accords), we turned to big data for the answers.

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Not having our own database of owner reports, we turn to two respected sources. The first is This is a publication that gathers customer complaints and catalogs them for shoppers. This site also offers stamps of approval or disapproval on some models. We feel this site does a great job of finding repeated issues to watch out for.

Next up, Consumer Reports. This consumer advocacy publication is fiercely independent. We know the folks there and we join them at media events. They are so independent they won't even accept a free cup of coffee. Nor will they accept a free test vehicle. Consumer Reports is a subscriber-based publication and you can get access for a very reasonable fee at the group's landing page. All of the data from Consumer Reports we will reference is owner data, not an editorial opinion by the CR staff.

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Used Honda Accord vs. Used Toyota Camry 2017 Model Year
The 20017 model year used Honda Accords and used Toyota Camry cars are now about three years old. At this point, they have already gone through the steepest part of their depreciation curve and they are likely still under the manufacturer's warranty for the drivetrain. The good news is that both the Accord and Camry have no major complaints by owners for this model year. Consumer Reports' owner data gives the Camry an edge with a 5/5 Reliability Ratings vs. the Accord's 3/5. The Camry is also a "Recommended" car from Consumer Reports in this model year.

Used Toyota Camry earns stamp of awesome

Used Honda Accord vs. Used Toyota Camry 2013 Model Year
Honda Accords and Toyota Camrys from 2013 are now about seven years old. In many ways, these cars are in their "prime of life." With around 100K miles, they are affordable used car buys and many families on a budget can buy one. They also make relaible transportation for college and high school kids. At this age, the data shows the Camry and Accord are not equally reliable.

At CarComplaints, the Accord is marked with the site's stamp of "Beware of the Clunker." The Accord has hundreds of reports of electrical glitches. Starter problems are the most common Accord complaints from owners and they report an average cost to repair of $620. One owner reports, "This is the second time I replaced my starter in less than a year!" At Consumer Reports, the 2013 Accord has a 5/5 reliability rating.

The 2013 Toyota Camry earns CarComplaints "Seal of Awesome," and it earns a 5/5 reliability rating at Consumer Reports. It seems the Camry has an edge for the model year 2013.

Used Honda Accord - How reliable?

Used Honda Accord vs. Used Toyota Camry 2010 Model Year
Used 2010 Camry and Accord cars are closing in on the end of their useful life. With around 150K miles, they are still decent cars for sure. However, their infotainment, safety, and fuel economy numbers are no longer close to that which a modern version offers. Here again, the Accord is labeled with a disapproving stamp at CarComplaints and the Camry earns a stamp of approval. We looked at the 2011 and 2012 model years to see if the Accord just had one bad year, but all three have stamps of disapproval from CarComplaints. The Accord is rated 4/5 by Consumer Reports owners and the Camry 5/5 by owners. Clearly, the Camry has an edge in this regard for the model year 2010.

Used Honda Accord vs. Used Toyota Camry - The Verdict
We feel that used Honda Accords and used Camry cars are better than the average for all of the model years we explored. However, the data show that the Camry has an edge in the 2013 and 2010 model years. The two appear to be equal in the 2017 model year in terms of reliability. If you have one of these vehicles, please tell us in the comments below what your experience has been. Your comments may help a shopper looking for a good used car.

John Goreham is a life-long car nut and recovering engineer. John's focus areas are technology, safety, and green vehicles. In the 1990s, he was part of a team that built a solar-electric vehicle from scratch. His was the role of battery thermal control designer. For 20 years he applied his engineering and sales talents in the high tech world and published numerous articles in technical journals such as Chemical Processing Magazine. In 2008 he retired from that career and dedicated himself to chasing his dream of being an auto writer. In addition to Torque News, John's work has appeared in print in dozens of American newspapers and he provides reviews to many vehicle shopping sites. You can follow John on Twitter, and view his credentials at Linkedin.

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My 2008 Honda Accord V6 EXL has been headache to me. The engine is now weak and the gear slips. I keep repairing the A/C system since 2011 till now! 2020
I have leased for three years an Accord Exl with nav and all is perfect just oil changes. Now that the lessee is you I'm buying the vehicle i enjoy it that much and consider it very reliable. Btw. It has a 4cyl with a cvt transmission.
Enjoyed the review about reliability of used Accords and Camry's. But I think I beat them both! I have a '91 Accord and I am just changing the starter after 300,000 miles
I have 2 - 2007 Accords which have been nothing but reliable. I used to have a 1986 Camry which was also very reliable. Before purchasing the 07 Accords o test drove Camry's also. Overall, I like the stiffer ride of the Accord vs the softer ride of the Camry.
My daughter bought her first car 2 years ago 1992 Honda Accord lol. We are doing a tune-up on it this weekend I have to say it's been a good car
I can top that... I had a 1991 accord and drove.... drum roll.. 500,000 Miles and all I did was oil change every 10000 to 12000 miles! I love love honda. Now I have a 2013 exl v6 3.5L 278 horses and have 236000+ kms on it. But one problem with Honda is rust... they just cant fix that
I can top that... I had a 1991 accord and drove.... drum roll.. 500,000 Miles and all I did was oil change every 10000 to 12000 miles! I love love honda. Now I have a 2013 exl v6 3.5L 278 horses and have 236000+ kms on it. But one problem with Honda is rust... they just cant fix that
You mentioned you have great lucky with a 1991 Accord. Take a good look at many early 1990's vehicles. They were generally quite reliable. Honda is no exception. I think the quality of parts was just much better - parts lasted longer.
I am lucky my mom passed away left me a 2010 Honda Accord with 15,000 miles that’s a 10 year old car , I changed the oil& filter . New Brakes . 4 new tires , new Battery . Air & cabin filter. Buffed our the head light. So now they look new Car runs 100%. All done by Me . $600. I now have a almost new car I can drive for many more years Only problem is paint peeling. And all rubber parts around windows . Rubber under Crome is all dried up . Car was in the state of Florida.
Sorry about your mom. We have family cars passed down that were Florida cars too. The rubber does take a beating. Nice that your year engine has a timing chain (if it's a 4). That thing could run well for ten more years.
We bought back in 2016 a 2011 Camry XLE, no complaints. Just had to replace a front bearing and the brakes because of the normal wear.
2014 Lexus ES300h. Based on Toyota Avalon 183,000 repair free miles. ...and 40 mpg
I have a 2012 Honda Accord 175k miles; bought it used at 10k. I do most of my own maintenance (oil, spark plugs, transmission fluid, radiator flush, etc) and have had no major issues. I did have an issue with my car not wanting to start with a realatively new battery; it read 13V with my multi meter so I decided to clean the terminals and it works fine (there was no visible corrosion). Before taking it into a shop, give it some cleaning and love and see if she works for you.
My 2013 Camry has ~85k miles. It's been great. The automatic door locks recently stopped working, but I think it's related to the aftermarket remote start that's also not working. But, alas, I grew up in the 80's and I just manually lock the doors when necessary. Maybe one day I'll have them repaired. Great car. Still looks nice too! Backseat trashed by children.
This is what I find highly annoying. Look at your 2013 Honda Accord comparison: 1. CarComplaints - Beware of the clunker 2. Consumer Reports - 5/5 reliability So - what is the average (me) consumer supposed to take away from this conflicting information? This is not the first time I've taken issue with Consumer Reports. Lets look at their full on seal of approval for Subaru products, was it last year, or this year? I don't recall, yet Subaru has had multiple lawsuits and continual windshield cracking issues over the years. Yet, Consumer Reports does not mention either of those extremely important issues. I was very interested in a Subaru Outback or Forester, but was absolutely turned off by the multiple reports of randomly cracking windshields and inconsistent quality control. Meanwhile, what do I see right on the front cover of a Consumer Reports issue? A Forester... I have had a Consumer Reports subscription for longer than I can remember and I absolutely take their vehicle recommendations with a grain of salt, because they just don't make sense at all lately. I've even called them out on it and written letters. They essentially tell me that they've experienced no such issues on their purchased vehicles and sometimes don't test them long enough to discover said problems. I think what we need here is 3, if not 4 'reliable' sources. Not just 2. In my eyes - Consumer Reports is no longer the holy grail of reliable information. ---------------- I have a 2007 Honda Accord - and I used Consumer Reports at the time, to decide on a car purchase. The car has been reliable - not inexpensive to maintain/repair, but mostly reliable. ---------------- You'd wonder why we ask our neighbors, friends, read magazines, websites, reviews etc. because it's very confusing out their with conflicting information.
i used to be a Ford man i ended up buying a 2005 Honda Accord i was very surpised on how well they handled and fuel wise was great the a few weeks ago a hail storm hit the insurance wrote it off.I now have a 2008 model with 88,000 ks gotit cheap for 7 grand .there is noway i will ever go back to Ford Honda make a brilliant car