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Update of Tacoma Frame & Leaf Spring Recall Photos After 2 Years

Check out what a Tacoma with a new frame and new leaf springs looks like two years after the replacement.

The Toyota Tacoma owner, Pete, who we have been following invited us to take these images after a reader in a Tacoma forum, asked for some images. Keep in mind when you look at these that the truck has been a daily driver during this time and went through the “snowpocalypse” weather in New England two years ago, as well as this past normal winter. We are very fond of salt and sand on our roads.

As you can see the frame is like new. No pitting or deep rust has started, and most of the frame is still painted the same way it left the dealership. The stickers are not even peeling off yet. Note that when the frame was replaced Pete also had the springs replaced by Toyota (no charge).

As we recently reported, Pete says the truck “runs like new.” He doesn’t baby it either. Last week he was using a pitchfork to shovel mulch out of the bed when we stopped by. There have been no mechanical issues and Pete is very happy with the work done.

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