2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma Leaf Spring Recall Details
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2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma Leaf Spring Recall - Five Key Facts to Know

Here are the details of this important Toyota Tacoma and Pre-Runer recall still under way including when you can expect help.

On September 29, 2014, Toyota filed a Defect Information Report with NHTSA regarding a safety recall of the 2005-2011 Toyota Pre-Runner and Tacoma compact pickups with defective leaf springs. This is a big recall, covering about 711,000 trucks. An initial letter was sent to owners informing them of the issue. Due to a lack of parts, the recall has dragged on now for 18 months. The good news is parts are becoming available, and most owners will soon have the opportunity to have their vehicle refitted with the new springs that are the fix. Owners should receive a second letter telling them to come in for repairs by mid-May 2016 at the latest.

Toyota Tacoma Leaf Spring Recall – What Is It
The rear suspension of the Pre-Runner and Tacoma use leaf springs constructed of either three or four leafs (flat metal bars made from spring steel). Due to a defect in manufacturing, a fracture of one or more springs could occur. If this happens, the broken leaf could move out of position and contact surrounding components, including the fuel tank. Sticking a leaf spring through your gas tank is always a bad thing and thus, the recall to replace the springs with ones that will not break.

Tacoma Leaf Spring Recall – What is the fix?
The fix is relatively straightforward. Toyota’s dealer technicians will inspect the rear suspension and surrounding components. Some trucks will "pass" and not need more work. Many will require a repair, and the technician will replace the leaf springs. Also, if the springs have broken and done damage to any surrounding components, those parts will also be replaced. As always, there will be no charge to owners. Note that some of these same trucks are covered by the frame rust issue. Please see more on that important Tacoma recall-related topic here. Some vehicles may be serviced by the dealer for that issue and receive new springs during that work order. Thus, if your truck has had its frame replaced you may be all set.

When will my dealer fix my truck!
Toyota has a roll-out underway. The entire Eastern U.S. is already covered, and parts are ready for customers there. The roll-out continues through mid-May, and the West Coast is going last. If you are in the West, call your dealer if you have received the first notice. They may be ready to schedule you now.

How do I know if my truck is covered?
Simply click this link and enter your VIN if you are not sure. Or just phone your local Toyota dealer service department with your VIN ready. They will tell you if your truck is included and when you can come in for repairs. Note that Toyota’s corporate HQ is authorizing a rental vehicle for owners if the work will require a wait. The repair normally takes about two hours, but the dealership may have a backlog to complete. Dealers will have details, but we can tell you that owners with broken leafs resulting in a dangerous situation can get a rental of up to two weeks if necessary.

I already paid to have my truck fixed, what now?
You kept that receipt, right? If so, contact Toyota. Mail a COPY of the receipt and a short letter explaining what as done and why to this address. In the letter call the issue “Recall E02.”
Toyota Motor Sales USA
Toyota Customer Experience WC10
19001 South Western Avenue
Torrance, CA 90509

Toyota is reviewing customer letters on a case by case basis for reimbursement consideration. If you did not keep your receipt try calling the place that fixed your truck. Many can generate a copy of your receipt. Or consider using a cancelled check or credit card receipt.

Torque News would like to acknowledge the help of Geoffrey Beers and James Welch, who provided key facts in the creation of this story. Image taken courtesy of Pete Smith, the Tacoma owner in the frame recall story mentioned above.

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Hi, hello, I waited for several months before I went in to Grand Junction Toyota Dealership for a recall, because I knew everyone that got the recall would be flooding the dealership. So when I went in, the young man told me it would be 4 weeks & maybe only 3 weeks. I called after 4 weeks, and was told by a female service clerk that it was taking much longer because of the amount of people that needed the replacement. She acted like I was out of line by asking when the part would be in....hmmm? It has been much longer than I was told, hmmm?
I bought my Tacoma in June 2016 and called my local Lakewood, CO dealership about two weeks after I bought it to schedule the recall work. Tthey said it would be about two to three months and asked if I wanted to put my name on the list. I was also skeptical about the whole thing and I called about a month later and they verified I was still on the list and said they would call when the parts came in. It did take awhile longer but they did call and it's getting the work done right now. The reason it has been taking so long is the production of the new parts. The parts have been on backorder. The manufacturing facilities haven't been able to keep up with the demand for parts. The bright side is that there are alot of American Jobs that are being supported by none other than Toyota. They have 5 vehicle manufacturing plants in the United States of America and all the parts are made in America. They probably really did expect it to only a few weeks and it has stretched out now for months. The person at the dealership service can only give us the info they are given. Stick with it, they'll get it done.
2 years ago I went in with a broken leaf, they told me to wait as they were anticipating a recall. Told me I would be fine to drive the truck safely and they put 3 zip ties to keep the leafs from rubbing and or cutting into my brake wires or my fuel tank. I kept an eye on it as I thought it wasn't a legitimate fix. A month later my ABS light turned on and sure enough the cables got cut by the leaf. took my truck in and they told me I should have gotten it fixed the month earlier and made me pay for the total sum of damages and new leafs. Very unimpressed with Toyota.
There is a bit of incorrect information in this "article". The fact is, the "updated" springs are **NOT LESS PRONE TO BREAKING**. The difference is this; the newer springs have more clips to keep the leaves aligned WHEN the leaves break. The new springs have either 4 retention clips (2+1 leaves), or 6 clips (3+1 leaves). The clips are riveted onto the ends of the 2nd, 3rd, and overload leaves. The ones on the 2nd and third leaves WRAP AROUND the main leaf, the ones on the overload leaf present vertical posts along side the rest of the leaves.
I have a 2007 Tacoma PreRunner TRD Sport 2WD with a factory installed tow package. I received the recall notice and had the work done-leaf springs replaced. A few weeks later I hooked up my ultra light (<2600lb) camper. The truck sagged low, swayed more and handling was less than optimal. I've towed this camper for nearly two years with this same vehicle and never had these problems. I suspect they replaced the leaf springs with either standard (meaning for a vehicle without a factory tow package) or a substandard after market replacement spring set. Its been a hassle to get someone from Toyota to investigate. Any advice on here from someone with s similar situation?
Toyota dealership where I live, about an hour north of Fresno CA, states the same spring set replaces all models. Mine is a TRD sport package, not a base 2011 Tacoma. Indeed the replacement is as you describe, wishy-washy, sagging much quicker under load, will not handle the same weight as before + the dealership is not honest about it and Toyota states they encourage but do not enforce the dealership to be honest. Side winds and freeway drain lines make this truck very unstable with the new springs. Additionally when coming or at a full stop, the truck bumps as if the spring shackle loads up then releases at stop. It is not a stiff ungreased driveline spline issue for it happened right after the springs were replaced. I do not know if the mechanic damaged some part in the driveline or if it is due to these replacement leaf springs. Toyota dealership states the frame is damage, not so it checked within one dime's thickness rail to rail, no defect now or thousands of miles in the past four years. I found replacement OEM listed springs are rated 300 lbs more for the sport package so I wonder how the dealership states/ installed a standard set on my vehicle and considers this, after three attempts at re-aligning the vehicle correct. From before and after driving experience with and without load these replacement springs do not have the same quality the original had, these are considerably less safe in driving experience. Toyota Torrance CA merely listed the issues/ concerns but similarly will not pay for another dealership to verify the issue. It is a safety hazard big time with unexpected side winds, I logged the complaint to our highway transportation safety people, no return on my complaint from them either. I suspect both the dealership and Toyota motors will wait till further suits and lives lost before they are forced to address the situation. I am about to try Heliwig, a firm who has been in business a decent amount of time to try to correct the situation. There has been absolutely no response from Toyota about the matter. I have tried two full sets of brand new Michelins about $200 ea via COSTCO, the second set higher speed rated so a bit stiffer sidewall, a bit higher quality, no difference in the spooky sudden drift under crosswinds and very little change in the grooving of the road/ parallel linear ruts response. I have concluded that the dealership took a short-cut in installing the springs and may have damaged something in the driveline and/or the replacement springs they installed are underrated plus they did not have satisfactory alignment procedures/ calibrated equipment, the latter verified by another firm.
Just got my 2011 Tacoma 2 whl dr PreRunner ( bought it new ) back from the Toyota dealer for the recall work.......... they replaced both my leaf springs completely and also my catalytic converter ..............I picked it up after hours and did not talk to anyone............... when I got home I looked underneath and the new springs didn't seem as heavy-duty as the originals ..................?................I will have to investigate this further ................
I bought my truck with 22k miles on it and added an over load spring to each side to take care of the usual toyota sag. that solution has been working for 100K miles. Now they replaced the rear springs and it has a noticeable sag. The drivers side springs look like a re-curve bow. I am taking it back in next week. Very dissatisfied.
I carried my 2007 tacoma in to River side Toyota in Rome ga.on 6/17/17 they replaced rear leaf springs. Now the front end is out of line they say it's not their fault. Truck has always driven fine until spring replacement.