Toyota Hybrids Outselling Combined Global EV Sales By How Much?
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Toyota Hybrids Outselling Combined Global EV Sales By How Much?

Toyota’s hybrid models are outselling all manner of electric vehicles by a huge margin.

Despite massive electric vehicle price supports by national and local governments, Toyota’s hybrids vehicles have outsold all vehicles with a plug made by all automakers globally by two to one since last August.

Why since last August do you ask? That is how long it took Toyota to sell 1 million hybrid vehicles globally. Over that nine-month period, the combined sales of all EVs, not just battery electric vehicles, was approximately 500,000 units*. The list of electric vehicles includes cars like the Chevy Volt, BMW i3 REx, which also have gasoline generators on board. It also includes cars like the Plug-in hybrid Ford Fusion.

It took Toyota about nine months to sell a million hybrid cars globally this time. Toyota has now maintained a strong hybrid sales pace over the past three years, during which time the global price of petroleum fuels has dropped dramatically. The last million vehicle sales milestones came in August of 2015 and October 2014.

Toyota has now sold 9 million hybrid vehicles. That compares to about 1.5 million EVs of all types in the modern age of electric vehicles. The last million Toyota hybrids sold included the out-going 3rd generation Prius. The all-new model has just started sales recently and the plug-in version, called the Prius Prime, is scheduled to be added in the U.S. market this fall. During its peak, the previous Plug-In Prius was at times the second leading selling EV in America.

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