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Toyota's green hybrid car dominance grows as 2015 approaches

We already knew Toyota's hybrids outsell the entire plug-in and EV market. A new milestone highlights that lead just keep getting bigger.

When I last reported on a hybrid sales milestone by Toyota, it was January of this year. Back then, Toyota had just passed 6 million in total hybrid sales worldwide. At that time, Toyota predicted it would sell a million more in 9 months. It did.

When I learned that Toyota had just passed 7 million hybrids this October, I was not going to do the story. So many green-car topics, so little time. Then I found myself behind the wheel of the new 2015 Camry Hybrid SE. As I drove the Camry Hybrid test vehicle I had been loaned, I came up behind a Lexus CT200h at a stop light. Then I noticed a Prius sitting at the light opposite of us. In every direction I looked I could see one of the Toyota family hybrids in my field of view.

Toyota Accelerating Hybrid Model Intros
Presently, Toyota offers 27 hybrid models globally, plus a plug-in hybrid, plus two battery electric vehicles. In the coming year, Toyota will also have a fuel cell vehicle for sale or lease in the US market. If this sounds impressive, consider that in the coming year or so Toyota also plans to launch 15 more hybrid models globally. In the US market, the new Lexus NX 300h compact premium crossover is the most notable. In other markets, Toyota/Lexus expects the new RC 300h sport coupe to replicate the success of the IS 300h sedan.

Toyota Green Car Perspective
Toyota sells roughly 110,000 green cars per month around the world. The total global sales of all types of EVs by all automakers worldwide right now (of which Toyota is a significant part) is running at about 29,000 per month. Toyota’s most recent update on its running total of gasoline saved by its hybrids is at 4.75 billion gallons.