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As Tesla Stock Passes $420 We Ask Readers- What Is Tesla's Biggest Headline In 2020?

Elon Musk once planned to cash out Tesla investors at $420 per share. Those were gloomy times. Today, the future looks much brighter.

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Just a little over a year ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, admitted in a live interview that Tesla had been "Single weeks from death" earlier in 2018. Tesla's cash crunch and ongoing production SNAFUS were so overwhelming to Musk, that at one point Musk arranged to take Tesla public with funding from big oil. His buy-out price point he thought investors would accept at that time was $420. This week, the stock passed that price point for the first time.
Tesla stock $420
It is hard now to look back at the gloomy days of Tesla. Product ramp-ups that were months, or quarters, or half-years late. Crazy distractions by the CEO in which he turned his attention from his work and became embroiled in personal attacks.

Tesla's recent Cybertruck launch went sideways with broken windows meant to withstand bullets and an F-bomb for the live audience. But even that event, which resulted in a short-term stock dip, seems to be forgotten as chat on Tesla forums turns to how many Model 3 owners will be trading up for a Model Y or Cybertruck one they are released (it's a lot in case you don't follow the forums).

As 2019 comes to a close, Tesla's stock price is stronger than it has ever been and it trending upward still. New factories are coming on line soon, two important products are maturing to the point that Tesla is showing them in public, and the Model 3 remains firmly in control of the compact/intermediate premium sport sedan segment.

What will be the next big Tesla story? With topics ranging so widely for the automaker, we can't hazard a guess. Maybe our readers can share what they imagine might be the big headline for Tesla in 2020.

Note: The author is not a stock analyst and does not own any individual stocks.

John Goreham is a life-long car nut and recovering engineer. John's focus areas are technology, safety, and green vehicles. In the 1990s, he was part of a team that built a solar-electric vehicle from scratch. His was the role of battery thermal control designer. For 20 years he applied his engineering and sales talents in the high tech world and published numerous articles in technical journals such as Chemical Processing Magazine. In 2008 he retired from that career and dedicated himself to chasing his dream of being an auto writer. In addition to Torque News, John's work has appeared in print in dozens of American newspapers and he provides reviews to many vehicle shopping sites. You can follow John on Twitter, and connect with him at Linkedin.

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DeanMcManis (not verified)    December 25, 2019 - 2:32AM

As much as Elon Musk likes to exaggerate about some things, he has stayed true to his estimates on acceleration and range. And two sets of numbers that stand out to me as being very ambitious, are the estimates for the Roadster II (0-60 in 1.9 sec 0-60/620 miles range) and the Cybertruck (0-60 in 2.9 sec/500 miles of range). I think to achieve those numbers (and fit inside those vehicles) Tesla needs to make a leap in battery technology that vastly improves the energy density of their batteries. The answer is likely going to be in the form of Maxwell Technologies, and their dry electrode batteries and ultra capacitors.