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Tell Us About Your Upcoming Road Trip - We May Include Your Trip In A Story

Are you planning an epic road trip this year? Tell us what you have planned, and take some great photos and video. We'd love to publish a story about it.


Are you planning an epic road trip this spring, summer, or fall? If so, we'd love to hear about it. Here at Torque News all of the staff enjoy the great outdoors, even more so if we are behind the wheel in an interesting place. We also try to find ways that we can invite our readers to tell the story once in a while. We can use the break! What we have in mind is a story that tells our readers about some epic journeys or great day trips using images and road reports from readers.


We also believe that there is good in all vehicles. Some of the most epic road trips in history were made in everyday vehicles, older vehicles, and ones that could barely run. If yours is amazing, all the better. We don't discriminate. Our own Patrick Rall made a pilgrimage to see Guns and Roses once in a Prius. It turned out to be a great car for the journey. Another time, he took the whole crew for a trip in a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Minivan. Motorcycles are also welcome. And if you have a sidekick along, all the better.

patrick rall prius

Heading out on the open road can be a long-term lifestyle or a single day trip. If you have a cool day, week, month, or season on the road planned, we'd like to hear about it, possibly incorporate it into a story, and share the cool pics and vids with our readers.


If you have a trip planned, please shoot us a short comment below. After that, please take a few simple trip notes and lots of pictures and video if you can. We will ask readers to contact us later this year to show us what they pulled together and hopefully create a story about Torque News readers' 2019 road trip adventures.

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Prius Image courtesy of Patrick Rall. Sidecar image courtesy of Hande Tuncer.


Ed. C (not verified)    May 21, 2019 - 5:56PM

My family is planning a road trip from San Diego to Denver. Our son is a huge Broncos fan, and since the Chargers left we've considered hopping on the Broncos bandwagon.

We'll be taking our 2014 Highlander for it's third road trip since getting it in 2017 (the first was a trip to Yellowstone, the second was to Sedona and the Grand Canyon a few months later).

Day 1: San Diego to St. George, UT
Day 2: St George to Bryce Canyon, then overnight in Richfield
Day 3: Richfield to Grand Junction, then Glennwood Hot Springs
Day 4: Glennwood to Buena Vista (for whitewater rafting), then overnight in Breckenridge
Day 5: Fish the rivers around Breckenridge and get some crepes, then drive to Denver.
Day 6: Tour of the Denver Mint and Mile High Stadium (and maybe Grand Central station), then drive to Colorado Springs
Day 7: Garden of the Gods and other sites
Day 8: Pikes Peak (maybe) then drive to Montrose, CO
Day 9: Montrose to Arches Nat'l park, then to St. George
Day 10: St. George to home