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Senator Asks FTC To Take Aim At Hertz Over False Reports

The latest development in our spotlight on Hertz involves multiple government entities starting to scrutinize Hertz.

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Rental car company, Hertz, has made headlines over the past year because it has been accused of falsely reporting vehicles as stolen and asking police to arrest people. Some of them say that had no business dealing with Hertz at all. Others say they had a routine experience and returned the car as planned.

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: Tesla Renters Beware: Reports Say Hertz Is Falsely Accusing Customers of Theft

Background Story: Hertz Forced By Judge To Reveal How Many People It Accused Of Car Theft

Hertz was ordered by a judge in February to release data around the topic. The judge wants to know how many innocent people were arrested - some at gunpoint - and then jailed based on inaccurate information provided by Hertz. One might ask why the police are helping Hertz with the repossession of its private property in the first place. The “thefts” Hertz is reporting are for the most part based on Hertz customers keeping vehicles after the contract has expired. These aren’t carjackings or criminals stealing cars off Hertz lots.

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On March 31st, the Senator wrote to Stephen Scherr Chief Executive Officer of Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. demanding information about the policies and procedures Hertz has in place related to stolen vehicle reports. The letter also instructed Hertz to take immediate steps to provide redress to customers who have suffered the profound and enduring harm of a false arrest.

The latest development takes the Senator’s actions directly to the Federal Trade Commission. Senator Richard Blumenthal is asking the FTC to look into Hertz’s actions. The Senator has asked Lina Khan, Chair of the Federal Trade Commission, to “...swiftly open an investigation into Hertz’s inaccurate reports of its customers to law enforcement for vehicle theft.”

Senator Richard Blumenthal is the Chair of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Subcommittee on Consumer Protection.

Do you think Hertz is doing enough to stop this practice and address the concerns of those who may have been falsely accused? Tell us in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Hertz's media page attributed to E.R Davidson.

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