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A New Use For a Cleaning Solution Helps With Dirty Faded Headlights

A product called Lemi Shine may help car owners whose headlights are cloudy and dirty.


Here at Torque News, we have done many stories about restoring cloudy and faded headlights. Our go-to method of restoring the headlights is to use polishing to remove the outer layer of plastic that has been compromised with road grime and micro scratches. However, a new use for a cleaning product may help some car owners, and the cost is so low it is worth a try.

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Image of Lemi Shine

The product is called Lemi Shine Dish Detergent Booster. It was designed to help remove hard water stains from glassware and dishes. However, the makers of Lemi Shine have found that it has many other useful purposes. Among them restoring the look of faded headlights.

The above image was provided by Lemi Shine to Torque News. It shows how the faded cloudly front foglamp of a vehicle was restored using Lemi Shine. The results are good. Particularly since polishing a foglamp is all but impossible to do. You just can’t get the polisher in there effectively.

The formula for the Lemi Shine dishwasher concentrate has no toxic residue or harsh chemicals and is made with biodegradable ingredients. It has been certified by the EPA as a Safer Choice product. That said, Lemi Shine is still a strong cleaner, so apply it to a small area, as out of the way as possible to see what results you get. Torque News has not yet tried the product ourselves, so you are on your own if you give the product a try. On very badly yellowed and faded headlights, you may need to polish after the product is applied, or it may do the trick.

Lemi Shine Dish Detergent Booster is darn near free. It starts at under six bucks, and it is sold at all of your favorite retailers such as Target. Walmart, and Amazon.

If you give Lemi Shine a try, please let us know how well it works in the comments below. We can also accept images through our “Contact Us” tab if you reach out.

Images courtesy of Lemi Shine. This is not a paid placement or advertisement, and Torque News has not used this product.

Images provided by Lemi Shine.

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