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MINI's new John Cooper Works GP the fastest ever

There will be ten MINI John Cooper Works GP for each US state, so if you haven’t ordered one yet hurry.


MINI USA is all about special models and it is soon bringing its most special John Cooper Works GP to the US. It will arrive in very limited numbers. Only 2000 in total will be built (is that a promise or a threat?) and of those only 500 will come the United States. At over forty grand out the door that is likely just about the right number for MINI to build. One has to like MINIs an awful lot to pay forty large for this car. There are many who do.

What owners of the MINI John Cooper Works GP (JCW GP) will get is clearly a good value. This diminutive pocket rocket will burst to 60 in under six seconds and won’t stop accelerating until it gets to a full 150 miles per hour. In this price range there are many vehicles that can do this. Mustang/Camaro and many others like the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. However, those are all either pony cars, muscle cars, or the like. The only car that really replicates this fun formula is the VW Golf in some special versions. This particular MINI is basically a weekend race-car you can drive to the track.

With its menacing intercooler hood-scoop and front fascia with air dam just a hair’s width from the ground the JCW GP certainly looks the part. It comes with adjustable coil over shocks and summer only performance tires. The uprated brakes are six piston calipers up front and the rotors are vented. Did I just type six piston? Yes, I checked – SIX piston front calipers. That my friends is a serious brake caliper. The traction control and stability control of the JCW GP is very sophisticated. The upshot is that the system can allow for wheelspin when it makes sense and more importantly, it can brake just the inside rear wheel in cornering. That helps rotate the car and reduces the dreaded understear monster, taker of all fun from driving.

In order to keep the MINI John Cooper Works GP from taking flight, the rear diffuser, roof spoiler, and underside panels reduce lift by 90 percent. In addition the JCW GP has a reduced drag of six percent that helps improve fuel economy. That is having ones cake and eating it too. Not a single human that buys this car is going to care about the fuel economy, but it is just OK; 27 highway, about the same as a compact SUV with a six cylinder engine.

Mini has so many special bits for this JCW GP that we could go on all day. Here are some highlights;
- Exclusive Thunder Gray paint
- Red trim on the bonnet opening and around other areas such as the side mirrors for accent
- GP badged stripes and JCW insignias abound
- Unique 17” Four spoke alloy wheels
- Polished shock tower brace
- Black zenon headlights in black shells
- Special rear body braces to add stiffness
- Piano black interior trim MINI actually claims helps the driver focus more on the road (?)

For the Mini enthusiast who wants the most special, fastest JCW ever the GP is coming. This will not be a car that sits in stock so if this is your dream you should reserve yours fast.