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MINI USA Meets Mid-Summer With Introduction of New Special Edition MINI 2 Hardtop

If you were in the marked for something flashy, stylish and yet fun to drive, don’t miss out on this new limited production MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop.
Posted: August 8, 2018 - 10:39PM
Author: Dom Kabas

MINI believes orange is the new black and it’s latest edition comes in this bold orange color MINI calls ‘International Orange’. MINI is well know for being able to be specified in wide range of colors, including choice of ‘Solaris Orange’ in its standard range, however it looks rather traditional in comparison of the two.

According to MINI USA, this exclusive color makes a dramatic statement to the performance of this special MINI John Cooper Works model. “International Orange is a bold color historically used to make great feats of engineering and aerospace design stand out.” said Randy Clements, Department Head, Product Planning & Aftersales, MINI USA.

MINI trusted exclusively its most powerful hardtop model John Cooper Works to wear the International Orange suit. It’s 2.0 liter four cylinder turbocharged engine is rated at 228 hp which enables this fashionable sporty hatchback to reach its 60 MPH mark with automatic gearbox at 5.9 seconds (6.1 sec if equipped with manual transmission).

Unique appearance elements

It’s not that one could call the spoiler on a regular John Cooper Works badged car discreet, International Orange edition features a specific design spoiler finished in gloss black metallic painting. Blacked theme extends further to side stripes, fuel filler cap, door handles and carbon fiber mirror caps. Wheels are 18-inch Ferric Gray double spoke JCW. MINI took care of audial appearance too, as John Cooper Works pro-exhaust with Bluetooth controlled flap comes standard on this edition.

Available this fall

No limited production numbers for MINI John Cooper Works International Orange Edition have been officially released. Quoted MSRP for this special edition starts at $41,600, which is quite a hike in comparison to ‘regular’ MINI John Cooper Works’s MSRP $31,900. Available at dealerships across the U.S. starting in fall of 2018.

MINI Cooper has just underwent the facelift of its current generation in 2018, which is easily identifiable by those signatory Union Jack tail-lights. As it has now entered second half of the model’s life-cycle, we may expect MINI to introduce more limited production special editions, among which, we bet, International Orange edition will still stand out. And isn’t that the ideal time to get your own very personal MINI?