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Mazda RX Vision Rotary-powered Dream Car

Mazda keeps rotary hope alive.


Mazda’s newest RX Vision concept car is a long, low, wide dream car that would use a new Mazda SKYACTIV-R rotary engine if it came to production. Revealed at the Tokyo Auto Show, the car is as beautiful as any we have ever seen from the company.

The Kodo design theme is on full display in the RX Vision. The RX features a swept-back look and has the long low hood of a classic GT car. The front end has the look of a Maserati and the overall layout is reminiscent of the Mercedes AMG GT. The concept car exaggerates the tall wheels relative to the overall height of the body. So too is the lowered roof line and tiny greenhouse. Still, it is not hard to see how Mazda could adapt the RX vision to a production model.

The most interesting part of Mazda’s press release was the admission that the company has not stopped research and development work on rotary engines. This is indeed good news to fans of the high-revving, smooth engines. To those that remember the below-par fuel economy and minute torque produced by the last rotary from Mazda the news is not as impressive.

Commenting on the new car and the future of rotary powered cars from Mazda, Representative Director, President and CEO, Masamichi Kogai, said, “I look forward to talking with you more about this vision we have revealed here today at the Mazda stand. Mazda will continue to take on new challenges in an effort to build a special bond with our customers and become their ‘one and only’ brand.”