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Mazda Miata Rated "Most Satisfying" By Sports Car Owners

Surveys by owners of the Mazda Miata put it o the same list as the Corvette, 911, Model S, and Dodge Challenger.


The Mazda Miata has just earned a "Top Ten Most Satisfying Cars" position on the most recent Consumer Reports list. The Miata joins cars like the Tesla Model S, Chevrolet Corvette, Porshe 911 and Dodge Challenger on this esteemed list of cars that bring smiles and satisfaction to their owners.

Unlike many of Consumer Reports subjective ratings based on the opinion of its editorial staff, this list is based on survey results of all cars by actual owners. It asks such questions as "Would you buy this car again" to get an understanding of how satisfied with the ownership experience those who paid their own money for the vehicle are.

In its summary of the Miata and its win, Consumer Reports pointed out a few aspects of the car that may contribute to its high ranking. Consumer Reports lists, "...the delightfully accurate six-speed manual shifter..." and "Quick and precise steering delivers sublime back-road handling..." and notes that, "Flipping the convertible top open or closed is a breeze." Because this is Consumer Reports, the publication also added this convertible also comes with, "High levels of noise, thin and unsupportive seats, and a stiff ride all grow fatiguing during highway travel." As if Miata owners cared less. Consumer Reports also notes that in the subcompact Miata sports car, "Cabin space is snug." Insightful.

The Miata RF and Miata soft top have had a banner year of sales in 2017 and heads into 2018 with some refreshing new looks.