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Lexus RC F will participate in Australian V8 Supercars Race Series

Lexus will be supplying three RC F and RC 350 cars as track support vehicles first, then…


Lexus has partnered with the Australian V8 Supercars racing series. The company is supplying three RC vehicles to help with on-track assistance. This is one way for Lexus to begin to become acquainted with the series and almost certainly signals its intent to race in it with one of its V8-powered sedans.

The RC F could not compete as it stands now. The series is for compact/mid-size sedans powered by a V8 engine. That is no problem for Lexus since it presently has the new 2015 GS F should it wish to start. However, the GS F is a little larger than needed. Ideally, a new generation IS F would compete.

Lexus has stepped up and is providing a Safety Car to the Series. This is appropriate since as it stands today, the Lexus RC F is the safest car tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in its class. In addition, Lexus is providing an IS 350 F-Sport to be a Medical Car, and an RC 350 F-Sport to be used as a Course Car.

The Australian V8 Supercar series is a very popular series and enjoys viewership worldwide. In addition to the German automakers, who of course offer V8 engines in their sedans, Nissan, and Volvo have also participated in the series, neither of which offers a V8 in any sedan in the US market at this time. The video below has more details.

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