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Watch Lexus transform the 2015 GS into the GS F – Video

This new Lexus video explains why the GS F is so special.


This past month Lexus introduced the new 2015 GS F. This V8-powered super-sedan bring the RC F coupe’s engine and transmission to a sedan platform. This may be the only F sedan for a while since Lexus opted not to release the IS F on the new platform. The new RC F moved up the performance latter one rung from the previous generation IS F sedan. This new GS F will very likely be at that same level.

Should the GS be an F?
Many Lexus fans and owners are expressing their opinion that the GS F should have been a GS 500 F-Sport model. For those that are not Lexus sports car insiders, we will explain the difference. An F-Sport model is a Lexus that has had some bodywork and interior changes and different wheels and tires. These are sportier versions of the standard vehicle. For example, an IS 350 F –Sport has a V6 engine and the other changes just mentioned. It is worlds apart from an IS F. An “F” model is a V8 powered car with significant suspension, brake, and interior changes. Although the GS F seems to have most of this, some would have preferred that the RC F stay one step above.

We will withhold judgment on this issue until we have a chance to track the GS F. Last fall we had significant back to back track time in the outgoing IS F and the incoming RC F. It was clear that the RC F had evolved the breed significantly. We’d like to see how the GS F would compare. Watch the video below and tell us if you see a Lexus car worthy of the F label.

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