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Jimmy Kimmel Live to shut Hollywood Boulevard for concerts by Paul McCartney and Timberlake

With a little help from the Lexus IS Sport Sedan, JKL will shut down Hollywood Boulevard for two nights next week to showcase Justin Timberlake and Sir Paul McCartney in concert.

This coming Monday and Tuesday September 23rd and 24rth, Jimmy Kimmel Live (JKL) will take over Hollywood Boulevard. On the Monday show Sir Paul McCartney will be the show’s guest for the first time. After an interview sure to be packed with lively banter, McCartney will play outside on Hollywood Boulevard and the crowd is expected to break records.

On Tuesday’s show Justin Timberlake will be the show’s guest. The recording artist and actor will discuss his new album The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2 and also speak about his role in the new movie Runner Runner which opens in late October. After the witty exchanges are over the singer will perform outside to the Hollywood Boulevard crowd.

In advance of the two outdoor shows traffic is to be diverted and one- quarter mile of Hollywood Boulevard from Highland Avenue to Sycamore Avenue will be reserved for fans. Lexus will be sponsoring the Timberlake show. At the concert it will have the new 2014 IS 350 F Sport and other IS models on display.

The outdoor event is to be part of a very elaborate social networking marketing program. In addition to Instagram and Twitter feeds by Lexus and Timberlake, the newly re-launched Myspace will also have a lot of content from the concerts. JKL will participate in the program by replying both concerts in full on its Myspace page a week after they are shown on TV as part of the Jimmy Kimmel Live Stream concert series . Youtube and Facebook will also be included in the multi-media blitz.

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