Don't miss the secret area for storage in the Miata or 124 Spider.
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Don't Miss This Secret Storage Area In the 2017 Mazda Miata and Fiat 124 Spider

Mazda and Fiat hide a little compartment that is very useful. Here's where to find it.

The 2017 Miata and Fiat 124 Spider are fantastic cars, but they are small. Don't get us wrong, small is good for a car with the mission the Spider and Miata have. However, make the most of what is available. That is exactly what Mazda and Fiat have done with the secret compartment behind the passenger seat.

The compartment isn't new or unique to the 2017 Miata and Spider. It has been in previous Miatas, including the NC generation. However, we have heard from owners in Fiat forums that the owners manual does a poor job of highlighting the compartment and many had not heard of it until a fellow member made a post referring to it.
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It is easy to find and use. Simply tip the passenger seat forward. To do so, you will need to have the passenger out and use the handle that adjusts seat angle on the passenger side. The compartment is revealed and it has that little handle. When you pull down be aware it will come off in your hand unless you put a little downward pressure on it.

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