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Hard Top For A Miata - What's a Fair Price?

We overview what you should expect to pay for a Miata hardtop.

As cold weather approaches convertible, owners begin to think about supplementing their soft top with a hard top. The third generation Miata offered the Power Retractable Hard Top, PRHT during the middle of its generation, and the new MD Miata for 2017 and onward is available as the new Miata RF (retractable fastback). The first and second generation (NA and NB) Mazda Miatas were soft tops, but hardtops are available. So what is a reasonable price, and where should one look?

Miata owners report that prices range from about $350 to about $1200 depending on a number of factors. First, does the top have a power defrost? If so, expect to pay a bit more. Second, the condition of the hard top. Obviously, a good condition top in your color choice may command a premium. That said, owners report that great deals are available. Luck and the amount of time you search seem to be the real keys to getting a deal.

Torque News checked our Craigs List to get a rough idea of the offerings. With zero effort we were able to spot a factory hardtop in red with original paint for $850 in the Bay Area near San Francisco. There is one for sale in Dallas that looks mint and has both a headliner and defrost for $1200. A third factory hardtop we spotted in white was $1500 in New Jersey. The owner notes it has always been garaged.

One other option to consider is buying a Miata with a hard top. Cars complete with a hard top can run from beaters to car-show quality and can be had for low money.