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Does Road and Track regret choosing Lexus IS 350 over BMW 3-Series after 8500 miles?

Last year Road and Track picked the new Lexus IS 350 over the BMW 335i. After four months with the Lexus do they regret that choice?


When Lexus brought out the new, third generation IS 350 most enthusiasts assumed it would be one more feeble attempt to do the unthinkable – beat BMW’s 335i in a head-to-head comparison test. I drove both on an autocross course and raved that the Lexus was better. Quicker, more responsive, and better at tight turns. However, I will admit to a little bias. I own a 2010 Lexus IS 350C. Then Car and Driver compared the two, and the other also-rans, and CD picked the Lexus. Hmmm. Then Road and Track compared the Lexus to the BMW and also picked the Lexus.

In this month’s Road and Track (Feb 2015), the magazine had the chance to correct the record if they felt that the Lexus had blown smoke up their… you know whats. R&T just spent four full months testing the IS 350 F Sport. After the test, R&T seems to feel that not only was their original pick right, some writers with a decided BMW bias have come away impressed.

Sam Smith is the Executive Editor at R&T. Smith’s passion is vintage BMWs. His comment after the long-term test? “ A quiet competence about this car – the kind you used to get in great German sports sedans.” Used to get. Ouch.

Rather than re-type the whole review we will direct you page 100 of the print edition. We will give you one last quote by the author of the review, Max Prince. “…BMW’s march has been stolen by Lexus. Killer engine. Stellar chassis….We’d say the IS 350 F Sport is as smart as sports sedans get.”

The story is not yet uploaded to Road and Track's website, but check back in a few weeks to view it.