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Decoding the secret messages hidden by Lexus in the 2015 RC F

The new 2015 Lexus RC F has some insider messages we would like to make you aware of.

Not all car companies name their cars with any special meaning. As one example, Infiniti now calls all their models “Q.” Cadillac is about to change all its names now that we finally know what they are. BMW still makes believe that the numbers in its crazy model system have something to do with engines’ displacement or power, which they do not. Lexus, on the other hand, does name its cars in a way that has some meaning.

The Grill Has a Message
Have you ever looked closely at the grill of a Lexus RC F? I actually did many times, but I missed a secret message that Lexus implanted there to brainwash us all. If you squint and look at the top of the grill while sort of tilting your head you will see that the black honeycomb is actually all Ls. That stands for Lexus. As in “Buy more Lexus!” Then if you look at the lower half of the grill with the same sort of head tilt and eye squint you will see that it is all Fs. Pretty tricky, eh. There is no truth to the rumor that if you play the RC F’s exhaust note backwards it sounds exactly like the BMW M4. I just made that up.

Lexus RC Decoded
The Lexus RC stands for “Responsive Coupe.” OK, not exactly rocket science, but this is the official word from Lexus. At least they didn’t just pick one letter and call everything they make by that. Really cool also applies. Rapid car, reinvented Camaro, and many other phrases jump to mind. The “F” is actually more meaningful and no, it does not stand for “Fun” or anything dirty.
Lexus F means Fuji (no, not the film or mountain)

The F stands for Fuji Speedway. The course holds the same type of nostalgia in Japan that Indianapolis and Daytona do for Americans. By designating a car “F,” the folks at Toyota/Lexus mean to convey that this is a car that is comfortable on the world’s finest racetracks. The RF C and IS F most certainly are.

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