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Audi A5 and Range Rover the perfect two car combo

A pair of distinguished surveys reveals these are the two most aspired-to dream cars in the real world. Can you disagree?


According to AutoPacific’s 2013 Ideal Vehicle Awards (IVAs), the Audi A5 is the car that the most folks aspire to owning. It has won the Aspirational Luxury Car category in the survey. The Audi A5 is a coupe or cabriolet (soft-top convertible) based on a front wheel drive platform shared with the A4 sedan. It is available all-wheel-drive and comes with a 2.0 Turbocharged and direct injected gasoline engine.

Upgrades to the A5 are available, but in its base form the car is a winner, and quite a looker.
Interestingly, it beat stalemates, and upgraded models, the S5 and RS 5. This is likely due to more A5 models being sold, and perhaps the A5 has more name recognition than the S5 and amazing but rare RS5, which is a near supercar. However, it does beg the question if you are going to “aspire” why not aspire big? In addition to beating out its more fancy brethren, the A5 also beat the BMW 335i convertible and many other cars in the same sport compact coupe category.

The IVAs are now in their 7th year, having started in 2006. The surveys sent by AutoPacifica reach over 50,000 respondents. The intent of the survey is to ferret out those cars and light trucks that most closely met, or exceed, customers’ expectations. In addition to winning the top car category, Audi did very well in the survey overall in both Premium Brands and Luxury car categories.

Audi’s A5 exemplifies the brands niche. Other manufacturers can make cars that offer more value, Lexus being one. German and Asian rivals can also make cars that are fast, or faster than Audi. However, none are more highly praised for their interiors. The A5 is a great example of the Audi penchant for making all of its interiors among the best at any price. The Audi is also widely held as one of the best looking cars at any price point in the world. Yes, there are always exotics that will have stunning bodies, but are they actual cars? Can they take you to work in 4 seasons and are they the car you would pick your boss up at the airport in? The A5 in coupe version is simply a stunning design. The one car that rivals it is the A7 (and S7). However, there is not convertible for the Audi 7 class, and the car is burdened with 4 doors.

Recently, J.D. Power and associates revealed a similar survey. In it, the Range Rover luxury sport utility vehicle was proven by responses to be the single most aspired to vehicle. Perhaps the dream combination would be an A5 convertible for solo topless drives and fun days with the significant other, and the Range Rover on every other occasion? If you have a pair that would make a better dream combination please share this story and tell us about it in the comments section.