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2013 Audi RS 5 Cabriolet first photos and details revealed online

Audi showed the new Audi RS 5 Cabriolet to the world exclusively on-line today. This car is worth a close look for buyers seeking the world’s best drop-top grand touring car.


Today Audi showed the world the new 2013 RS 5 Cabriolet. This drop-top stunner is a step up from the already wonderful Audi S5 Cabriolet with the major difference being the drivetrain. Under the hood of the RS 5 Cabriolet one will find the amazing direct-injected, Audi V8.

The engine makes 450 horsepower, all of which is put to the ground via Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive system.

This is one of the world’s best engines and it makes the RS 5 a beast of a grand-touring convertible. The car sprints off the mark on its way to a 0-60 mph time under 5 seconds. Top speed can come in two options. Go to jail fast, or go to jail for a long time fast.

As the pictures show there are minor changes to the body style of the 2013 RS 5 compared with the other Audi 5s, the A5 and S5. A front spoiler and lower rear valence jump out at the eye with their sharp chrome trim. Audi always does rims well and these are no exception. They look aggressive and elegant at the same time. Inside, Audi’s typical high quality, high functionality controls are evident.