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Affordable Cyber Monday Mazda Miata Gift Ideas

Here are some gift ideas for the Mazda Miata owner in your life.


Cyber Monday is a great day to look for new car deals, but it is also the start of on-line holiday season gift shopping. Here are a few Mazda Miata gift ideas selected by the former owner of a Miata that your Mazda Miata owner will love.

Mazda Miata Indoor Car Cover
Trust me, storing a Miata indoors is a must, but the car will still get dirty. An indoor car cover protects the Miata from dust and dirt, but also from accidental scratching as you move the snowblower into position. Budget about $300.

Mazda Miata Color-Match Rollover Hoops
Color Match rollover hoops change the Gen-3 (NC) Miata’s rollover color from silver satin to the same color as the car’s body. These may not be for everyone, but they look fantastic in red and black. These retail for about $130 at Mazda dealers. They are an easy DIY install.

Mazda Miata Crome Fuel Door Cap
A chrome fuel filler door is also a matter of taste. Not every Miata owner will want one, so keep the receipt. Budget about $140.

MazdaSpeed Air Intake
A cold air intake kit form MazdaSpeed will be one of the rare performance items you might find at a Miata dealership. Check before buiying to make sure it does not void the warranty. Budget $300 for the parts and about an hour labor, so figure $400.