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2021 Lincoln Corsair AWD Reserve - What Makes It Special?

We drive and review the 2021 Lincoln Corsair and discover what makes it stand out in the premium crossover segment.

The 2021 Lincoln Corsair impressed us during a recent test period. The Corsair is a surprisingly strong player in the important premium crossover segment.

2021 Lincoln Corsair AWD Reserve - What Is It?
The 2021 Lincoln Corsair AWD Reserve is a two-row premium crossover about the size of a Toyota RAV4. This size is the top-selling size, and many families rely on crossovers of this type to be their primary vehicle.

2021 Lincoln Corsair AWD Reserve - What Powers It?
Lincoln chose a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine developing 310 lb-ft of torque for the Corsair. That is about 50 lb-ft greater than the BMW X3 equipped with its four-cylinder engine. Fuel economy is typical for the class with an EPA-estimated 24 MPG Combined and 28 MPG Highway rating. Our driving confirmed both of these estimates to be spot on.

Power is abundant in the Corsair AWD Reserve. Whether you are just keeping pace with traffic, powering away from a stop, merging onto the highway, or passing, the Corsair is always just right. Unlike the underpowered mainstream offerings this size, the 2.3 turbo feels like it has more power than you will need. The 8-speed auto transmission is smooth and never in the way of enjoying the vehicle.

Corsair image courtesy of Lincoln2021 Lincoln Corsair AWD Reserve - Interior, Features, and Infotainment
The Corsair AWD Reserve has many features that we like to see in any premium crossover. The list includes adaptive headlights (that swing side to side), a head-up display, a spare tire, and an easy-to-operate touch-screen infotainment system

Features that really stood out included the push-button gear selector, massage seats with heat and ventilation, and a punchy and crystal clear audio system. The seats have more power adjustments than almost any others we have tested.

We particularly liked that when mirroring our phone’s Google Maps navigation app the head-up display would incorporate the next turn information. That keeps your eyes up and on the road ahead.

2021 Lincoln Corsair AWD Reserve - The Drive
The Corsair is just right. Not overly sporty and harsh, but a bit tighter in its handling than a typical crossover. You enjoy the drive in all respects. Power is abundant and immediately on hand. Braking is dialed-in perfectly.

Two things stood out when we drove the Corsair Reserve. First, the vehicle is much quieter than most we drive. Second, the vehicle was super-smooth despite having more miles than a typical test vehicle (well over 10K). Without a doubt, the Corsair AWD reserve feels special when driven.

2021 Lincoln Corsair AWD Reserve - Price, Safety, and Value
Our test vehicle had an MSRP of $57,680 including destination and delivery but before any added dealer Doc fees and market adjustment prices. Thus, the fully-featured Corsair AWD Reserve is priced lower than even the base Tesla Model Y, which now comes in north of $60K in its stripped version (and is sold out through 2023).

The 2021 Lincoln Corsair earns the IIHS Top Safety Pick Award. It has also earned an Autotrader 10 Best Car Interiors award.

The Lincoln Corsair has a new vehicle limited warranty of 4-years/50K miles and a pick-up and delivery service included during that period. The powertrain warranty extends to 6-years/70K miles. Maintenance is not included for any period.

2021 Lincoln Corsair AWD Reserve - Conclusion
The Lincoln Corsair AWD Reserve is a two-row crossover that feels special when driven. Without a doubt, the Corsair offers an owner a luxury experience that goes well beyond what mainstream crossovers can deliver. Those looking for a crossover that offers ample power, a long list of features not available in mainstream crossovers, and a smooth quiet ride will find it in the 2021 Lincoln Corsair AWD Reserve.

Corsair images courtesy of Lincoln.

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Mark Day (not verified)    January 1, 2022 - 6:21PM

Much written about "power", but no mention of the horsepower rating. I understand why, there's a Pinto-equivalent engine in this Lincoln. These automobiles are products of illegitimate bureaucrat mandates, not customer desires. At 57k plus, I'll pass, and make do with an electrified Pinto.