2018 Toyota Camry - Why it overshadows other car launches.
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2018 Toyota Camry - The Most Important American Car At Detroit Auto Show

No other car introduced in Detroit today will be part of more families in America.

At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit today automakers from around the world will hold glitzy press conferences complete with spokesmodels, spotlights, and pumping deep bass music. The low-slung, high horsepower coupes, and the eco-chic electric runabouts will get all the attention. After the show the Toyota Camry will remain the most important car to the most people in America.

In Detroit today, Akio Toyoda himself walked to the stage to introduce the newest Camry. That he brought the Camry to Detroit was fitting, since the Camry has been rated the most American-made car in the country. The Camry is the top-selling American-made car and it is the car that supports the most American jobs.

The all-new Camry will be familiar in almost every way to the many families that buy or help build them in the U.S. More details on the all-new Camry are available at this story that appeared later the day of the launch.

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