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Solution for 370Z Roadster Owners Tired of Tedious Top-Dropping

If you have a convertible Z Car, you are likely tired of the restrictions and button holding associated with lowering and raising that top. Here’s a solution.


Putting down the top on a roadster is one of the best feelings any driver can have. Few things can top driving around in the sun with the top down. Yet for some 370Z owners, the restrictions on doing so are a real annoyance. The car must be stopped, the control button has to held during the entire top-up or top-down operation, and there are few cars equipped with a remote top control on the factory keyfob.

Well, one way to fix all of that on your Z Car may be through a third party solution. Aftermarket hardware seller Mods4cars in Las Vegas, Nevada sells a SmartTOP add-on for 370Z convertibles.

The module can be easily installed by a qualified technician as a kit. The SmartTOP allows one-push open and close of the top, remote control of the top via keyfob combinations (using the door lock buttons), and which raises the restriction on opening or closing the top to 40 miles per hour so low-speed operation becomes possible. The SmartTOP kit has been offered since 2001 with the latest update being the smallest and easiest to install so far.

A quick Internet search for similar systems came up empty. If any Z fans happen to know of other options for modifying the convertible top on a 370Z Roadster, let us know by commenting below.