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The Peugeot Onyx diesel-electric supercar will blast through Goodwood

Leading the lineup of performance Peugeot vehicles at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year will be the uber-awesome Onyx in its first public demonstration dynamic.


Look at the photo to the right. Click on the gallery and check out those teasing views of this awesome supercar. Go read Don Bain's writeup on this concept's pimped-out self. Now wipe up the drool and pay attention.

That awesome black and copper car will be showcased on the race track at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

I repeat: it will be on the track, for real, at Goodwood.

When you're done coming up with references to that last word, Beavis, let's talk about this bad buttocks ride.

The Peugeot Onyx concept is powered by a diesel-electric powertrain which combines a diesel engine and an electric motor. These are mid-mounted on the car and put out a total of 680 horsepower, which makes for a total hp:pound ratio of 4.4:1. The engine is a 3.7-liter V-8 HDi FAP (yes, Beavis, I said it), and the motor is an 80 horsepower unit which also recovers kinetic energy when slowing or braking through the Intelligent HYbrid4 technology underlying the Onyx.

The car's build is also incredibly awesome. It makes extensive use of carbon fiber and copper. The black body panels (hood, roofline, rear quarter, etc.) are carbon fiber for lightweighting. Offsetting that is the beautiful (actual) copper sheeting on the front corners and along the fenders and door. This highly buffed metal has been left unprotected so that, over time, the Onyx will gain a greenish patina as the copper oxidizes.

Other vehicles from Peugeot to showcase at Goodwood include the new RCZ Sports Coupe, a 208 GTi, and the luxurious 208 XY as well as several competition versions of the 208 on display.