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McLaren teases new 650S supercar prior to its launch at Geneva

When McLaren says they have a new supercar in the works, enthusiasts get excited. Now, they've promised to unveil the new McLaren 650S at the Geneva show and have teased its badge to show they're serious.

The upcoming 84th International Geneva Motor Show will have a lot of great new vehicles unveiling, mostly for the European market, but it's also well-known for its supercar unveils and this year will be no different.

McLaren Automotive has announced that they will be taking the covers off their latest creation, the McLaren 650S. The teaser shown above gives a hint to the color scheme it will likely have, but not much else.

The car, McLaren says, was designed and developed with the enthusiast driver and luxury owner in mind. That last bit is a slight step away from the norm for McLaren, who is known primarily for its race-ready machines like the 12C and the new P1. But it's not too far off and we can expect that the fifty years of race competition McLaren has made its name on (thanks to its namesake founder) will be represented in the new 650S.

The new car will be positioned in a market between the 12C supercar and the already sold-out McLaren P1 hybrid super machine. Outside of that, the company hasn't said much in the way of details. We can expect to hear more as we get closer to that unveil date.

The official unveiling of the McLaren 650S will be on March 4 at 11:00 a.m. GMT at the Geneva Motor Show. So we have less than three weeks to wait.