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McLaren P1 GTR Will Debut in Geneva, Track Test Video

The track-focused McLaren P1 GTR hybrid supercar continues its global on-track testing as it nears its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Watch it fly!


McLaren has been developing the track-centric version of the P1, called the P1 GTR, as an exclusive version of the already-exclusive P1 hybrid supercar. Over the winter, the company has been extensively testing the P1 GTR on tracks globally, most recently in Europe and the Middle East. All of this is gearing towards the production launch of the car later this year and the launch of a bespoke Drive Programme for the track-only model's buyers.

The McLaren P1 GTR will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March in its production form. The gasoline-electric powertrain and weight-saving measures taken in the P1 GTR, stripping away the non-track nicetieis of the road-going model, make this the fastest to wear the McLaren speed mark.

Power-to-weight in the P1 GTR is more than ten percent higher than in the road-going P1, offering more than 700 PS per tonne.

Track testing in the United Kingdom and Europe for extreme speed and performance along with harsh heat and demanding conditions at tracks in Bahrain and Qatar have punished the test car and lead to improvements in the production model. Lead driver Chris Goodwin has more wheel time in this car than anyone else and is featured in the video McLaren has made in the ramp up to the P1 GTR's debut.

The production-ready McLaren P1 GTR will be very different from the design concept debuted at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance last summer, thanks to Goodwin's testing and additional cooling and aerodynamics improvements.