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Mini Unveils Paceman Concept Ahead of Detroit Auto Show

BMW’s Mini brand is enjoying a growth spurt in the United States. If the Paceman concept it is revealing at the Detroit Auto Show comes to fruition, it could see even stronger sales.

The Mini Paceman concept, called a “study vehicle” by BMW, “combines a sporty, masculine appearance, versatility and coupe looks with the dimensions of the four-door Mini Countryman,” according to the announcement from Mini.

In typical press release hype, Mini goes on to proclaim, “The result is a Mini with visual “muscle car” design cues, which displays its dynamic capability from every angle and showcases it impressively both when viewed from the side and in the design of the rear.” Mini says the crossover design makes it the first Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) in the small car segment

It was 10 years ago that Mini was relaunched in the United States at the Detroit Auto Show. Since then, it has grown from 66 dealers to its 100th dealership opening on Dec. 15 in San Diego.

Here are some highlights from the announcement:

  • The Mini Paceman Concept largely replicates the front grille design of the Mini Cooper S Countryman. However, additional intakes in the lower section of the front bumper ensure improved brake ventilation and combine with the study’s deep-set foglamps to sharpen its sporting edge.
  • Large 19-inch wheels designed exclusively for the study car and dark wheel arch borders with side skirts highlighted in the same color team up with the familiar Mini shoulder line rising up slightly towards the rear to underline the car’s sporty and powerful appearance.
  • As with the Mini Cooper S Countryman, the rear apron of the Mini Paceman Concept has a diffuser design. The airflow is channeled between the twin-tailpipe exhaust on the underbody section, further optimizing the car’s aerodynamic properties.
  • Mini Paceman Concept has been designed to allow the most powerful drive unit currently available for a Mini to be fitted under the bonnet. The Mini John Cooper Works 1.6-liter twin-scroll turbocharged engine gives the Mini Paceman Concept the means to achieve top-class levels of sports performance. The four-cylinder unit develops 211 hp and generates maximum torque of 192 lb-ft, which can be increased to as much as 207 lb-ft in brief bursts thanks to the Overboost function.