2013 Fisker Atlantic

Fisker Automotive reveals the Fisker Atlantic (Nina) in New York

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Fisker Automotive's long awaited new car, the Fisker Atlantic, was revealed today on the eve of the New York Auto Show, continuing the company's tradition of extended range electric luxury cars it is a family-oriented car meant to be compared with the Audi A5 or BMW 3-series.

Today, on the eve of the New York Auto Show, Fisker Automotive released (some) details about the company's long-awaited car, code named Project Nina. The Fisker Atlantic is the name for the car and is, like the Fisker Karma, an extended range electric luxury car. It is a four door that looks like a two-door coupe, and is described as a "family oriented vehicle," and it has a few unique and interesting design elements. Details about the power train and price are not being revealed at this time.

The Atlantic is much smaller than the Fisker Karma. It still has the long stretched out feel of the Karma, while being physically smaller. The design theme has two lines curving along the side of the car, crossing at the rear wheel to emphasize the car is a rear wheel drive.

There is an extremely small front overhang and other features that go together to create a lot of interior cabin space. This gives room for family and the cargo carrying capacity one requires in a family car. The rear doors are ingenuously designed to obscure the fact it is a four door car, giving it the feel of a two door coupe. The rear seats easily fold down giving a large cargo area.

The Atlantic sports a whole new kind of roof not seen in any other car. Fisker calls it a "spider roof" and features clear panels with an X shaped set of cross members providing a roll cage for rollover protection.

Gone are the solar panels of the Karma.

The exterior lighting has several completely new aspects. The front lights looks like "eagle eyes" and are designed to look like "ice" with light shining through the ice. The rear lights have an extremely thin line wrapping around the rear end, to give a unique "Fisker Look."

Overall the dimensions of the Atlantic are similar to the Audi A5.

While Henrik Fisker did not reveal specific details of the drive train, we know more now than before. It was described as Fisker's "next generation powertrain" that will again offer both electric only driving, and hybrid (extended range) mode driving, and the driver will be able to switch manually between the modes. The extended range driving mode is important to provide the illusion of infinite range that we are all accustomed to having from our collective history with gasoline powered vehicles, while the significant electric driving range implements Fisker Automotive's "responsible luxury" design ethic. The equation is "range = freedom" allowing the car owner to just jump in and drive on their whim of the moment.


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